A Quick Trip to Montreal (Where We Stayed, Ate & Explored!)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hi everyone! Thought I'd share a few photos from Dylan & my quick weekend trip to Montreal. We stayed for three nights, and really just took the time to relax, spend time together and eat goooood food (more on that later). We stayed at Omni Mont-Royal, and completely loved it. The staff was really nice and the location is really great (right in the middle of downtown), which is walking distance to all the shops, and a ton of restaurants.

We started our first full day with brunch at Le Cartet - a recommendation I found through Montreal YouTuber, MelSoldera. It was really good! Definitely would come back on our next visit here. 


Because we drove, Old Montreal was only a quick drive away and we spent a lot of our time there too. Thanks to middle school field trips and obligatory college weekend getaways, we both have been there several times (plus it was minus fifteen out), so we skipped out on a lot of the touristy attractions. 

No matter where you are in Old Montreal, the background is AMAZING to nailing those perfect insta shots. Even in the super cold weather! 

Cafe Tommy - Equal parts yummy and pretty!

Club Monaco - Cafe Myriade

Dylan insisted we check out the coffee shop in Club Monaco (Dominion Square) - It was really stunning and a good place to warm up in between shoots. 

McGill Campus

Even though I'll always be a Queen's girl,  I have to admit that McGill has a gorgeous campus. It also happens to be my Grandfather's alma mater, which served me a special reminder of how grateful I am that my family had decided to immigrate here, especially with what's going on in the world right now. If my grandfather had never done his studies in Canada, who knows where I'd be. Super proud to be a granddaughter of immigrants!

And finally, we had a quick brunch at Beautys before we got on the road. My friend Zoe recommended it, and it was amazing! Probably my fave meal of the trip.

Dylan and I really want to explore more places in 2017, and hopefully this is just the start! Thanks for coming along this quick trip with us!

Love Always, Rachel

10 of My Favourite YouTubers (that you may have not subscribed to yet!)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hey everyone!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my fave YouTubers of the moment. Being on YouTube myself, it's been a really fun journey and I feel like I've grown a greater appreciation for people who share their lives on the internet. I'm always on the lookout for new vloggers to watch (as I'm sure you are too, if you've stumbled across this post!). Here's a short little post on some people that I love to watch on YouTube:

.... To be honest there are SO many people that I love to watch, it was hard to narrow this list down. I tried to make this a list a mix of already well-known YouTubers as well as a few faves that may have not crossed your recommended page yet. I'll definitely do another instalment of these if you'd like.

In no particular order....


I found Wendy about three years ago when I was looking up how to sew shorts for my university's fashion show. Her video production is stunning, not to mention the DIY-sewing projects she's made. She's uber talented and currently residing in Toronto. Definitely check out her channel for current, fashionable sewing DIYs for both advanced and novice crafters.

Olivia Jade

Olivia Jade was recommended to me by my friend Zoe. Other than her style, her positive personality and her room - I really love how authentic her content is. Watching her stuff makes me feel like I'm talking to a best friend, and I love that her videos don't feel commercial-ly or over produced. Plus, I love everything she buys. She's cool, genuine and waaay less awkward than I was at seventeen. I binged watched her videos just last week and needless to say - I'm hooked.

 Tess Christine

Tess Christine always kills it - I'm obsessed with the way she edits her videos, as well as the creativity that exudes through each and every one of them. She serves me some major inspiration in my own channel. I definitely recommend watching her for every day outfit ideas and celeb style!

Allie Sevdalis

Allie is ALWAYS telling it like it is, which is why I admire her so much. She's really fun to watch and her vlogs are my fave to listen to while I get ready in the morning. Also major bonus - she's a fellow Canadian, coming from Montreal.

Lydia Elise Millen

I stumbled across Lydia's videos whilst looking up luxury handbags. Despite her unreal handbag and shoe collection, she has a super sweet and down-to-earth personality. I really love her style as well, and find myself often taking cues from her classic yet on trend wardrobe.


Having similar skin colouring to Dacey, she's definitely one of my go-to's when I'm looking to try a different makeup look. Her tutorials are straight-forward and I also love seeing what products she recommends.

Klossy (Karlie Kloss)

Karlie's videos are super well done, and I also love the mix of content on her channel. It doesn't feel too overproduced or saturated, and it makes me like the supermodel even more than I already to (if that's even possible?!).

Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate's videos are always light-hearted. My faves of hers are the room transformations - each one is different and unique. Would recommend for those who love to watch room decor videos!

Ash Jackson

Even in my teen years - I was obsessed with Mommy bloggers. Ash Jackson's video are really calming and she has some great advice for first time homeowners, doing things on a budget & just general advice.

Amber Scholl

Amber Scholl NEVER fails to make me laugh - for real though. Her DIYs are really light, fun, easy - plus she doesn't take herself too seriously. Definitely check her out if you're an aspiring ~insta baddie~

Who are some of your fave YouTubers? I have so many more, but these are definitely a few that I've been binge watching lately! 

Love Always,



Friday, December 16, 2016

So, working from home has it's perks. It means that I can lounge around in my pajamas all day (as seen in Vlogmas #1), and get stuff done on my own time. However - being totally honest here - it can be tough to stay motivated.

Since my undergrad, I always found that my most productive days were when I left my house. Whether I was sitting in my school's library or at a coffee shop, the hustle-and-bustle around me always made me feel more in the mood to actually study, work or finish the tasks I've been holding off forever.

MAHI Leather was generous enough to gift me this gorgeous leather backpack. It came at the perfect time, because I was looking for an every day backpack that I can take with me while I work. I love the personalization on the bottom corner, and also the simple style. It would make a great gift for anyone and a portion of your purchase goes towards clean water projects - which I love.

Kitten for scale - haha! 

You can use the code RACH10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Order by Dec 19 to get yours in time for Christmas.

Want to see what I carry in my backpack? Watch my latest video:

Love Always,


SHOP SPENNY REWORKED VINTAGE PIECES ARE UP! (Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Polo Ralph Lauren)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to talk about this part of my little brainchild, SHOP SPENNY! If you've been with me since it's humble beginnings in my last year of university, you would know that I have a penchant for vintage clothing, especially when it comes to casual and comfy wear.

That being said, I am finally launching a "reworked" vintage section on my shop! This is where you will be able to find vintage pieces that I have changed and modified to suit your everyday wardrobe. I am totally obsessed with vintage Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Polo Ralph Lauren, Fila and Guess... so expect tons of that!

I'll be doing weekly vintage drops on SHOP SPENNY, and each piece will be unique - so once it's sold out it'll be sold out forever. I sewed a bunch of them earlier this week and I have to say, it's some of my best work as a seamstress (haha), each piece is double hemmed to ensure quality.

My latest finds/reworks are currently live! Shop now and use my code "VINTAGEONLY" at checkout for 10 percent off all reworked vintage (excluding flannels)!

Love Always, 


I toned my hair at home! (Brassy Yellow to Ashy Blonde/Bronde)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hey everyone! Thought I'd write a quick blog post because I toned my hair today! It was my first time doing it by myself at home. The last time I did my hair was actually after my Costa Rica trip, so since August. It was first a super icy grey colour (Shown below!)


My colourist is always booked 3 months in advance is it's tough to find a time that works for both of us. My hair was getting SUPER brassy and was definitely overdue for some TLC. I felt pretty comfortable with toning my hair because I knew that the worst it could come out was grey, which I definitely wasn't opposed to. Soon after,  I looked up a few videos of girls doing it themselves. Conveniently, I already had the Wella toner and the developer because my sister bought it a while back!

Before/After = a big difference! 
My supplies! (LOL paintbrush definitely not recommended)

I used Wella Colour Charm T18 (light ash blonde) - which is the go-to colour that I saw most of the tutorials using. I didn't have a hair dye application brush so I opted for using a paint brush that I had... (obviously something I do not recommend. I followed the instructions and left it on for about 15 minutes!

Once I washed out the toner, I was left with a much cooler brown tone (as seen in the title pic). I like that it's on the warmer side, and I'm thinking maybe next time I'll go even cooler. I have a warmer skin tone so I figured it suited a warmer-toned hair. It's a lot blonder in person but the toner did make my hair go slightly darker.

More before/after! Much more honey-caramel-toned now than yellow & brassy
For those who are curious about my full hair colouring experience/going blonde/hair care, I'll also insert the video that I filmed all about it a few months back!

This video is from one session before my last one (ash blonde/grey) with my colourist (in May). I would say my hair now though is much more similar to the colour it is in this video! 

Love Always,


Best Designer Bags ... on an 1000$ Budget | The Lazy Fashion Girl's Guide to Saving

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Photo credit: @marianna_hewitt

Hey guys!

So let me be clear before I continue - my intentions for this post were good, BUT may I say how difficult it is to actually find a designer purse under $1000. Ridiculous, I know, but a very, very real fact. That being said, not all of these bags are exactly under $1000 Canadian, but are definitely within reason if that is around your price range. Welcome to my second instalment of The Lazy Fashion Girl's Guide to Saving!

This post is more for those who are looking to start a designer bag collection, but are on a smaller budget (aka me lol), and do not want to strive for the Givenchy Antigona or Celine just yet. One good thing about purchasing a designer bag, is that usually (as long as you keep them in good condition) they do not lower in value. In fact- if it's a classic piece, usually they raise in price each year. If you find yourself not loving the bag five years from now, chances are that you will be able to to resell it at least at what you bought it for.

Not all of these bags in this post are necessarily "investment" items, but they are all beautiful, quality and great for all seasons - something I kept in mind. For those who are budget-conscious, I definitely kept in mind how wearable it is, and the timelessness of each piece. I'll also go into a little bit more about what to look for when purchasing a designer bag, and some other things to consider.

Without further ado, let's get right to it!

Unseen Costa Rica Pics!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hey everyone!

If you've been following me since this summer, you would probably know that I have been reminiscing about mine & Dylan's trip to Costa Rica that we took in late July. It was really fun and making me already think about where we are going to go next. Today while looking back at my photos and videos, I realized that I never shared them with you guys! I know it's been quite a few months but I figured they were worth sharing. The cream of the crop are on my instagram so definitely scroll down a bit on my profile and you can see the ones I have shared already (I've included a few of them in this post too!).

I added some captions for context. Enjoy!