Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hey guys!

I'm trying to throw this blog post up as soon as possible. So as some fellow Sephora-addicts may know already, the VIB SALE HAS ARRIVED! The rouge sale started today and tomorrow the VIB sale begins! In a nutshell: 15% off everything at Sephora is upon me (aka the best sale that Sephora ever gives)!!!!! (If you're on the VIB or rouge list, you should have received an email with the coupon code!)

I decided for those who will be spending big $$ at our fave makeup utopia tomorrow, I've put together a list of my fave items (and some short thoughts about them), as well as some items that are on my Sephora wishlist! Here ya go:


Beauty Blender Sponge - seriously amazing product! My mom, sister, me and the rest of Youtube swears by it! I know it's a sponge, but it will CHANGE YOUR MAKE UP GAME. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (my shade is "bisque" - Seriously photoshop blur for your face. 

First Aid Beauty Cleanser - The only cleanser that hasn't dried my face out.

First Aid Beauty Moisturizer - Just started using this, and I love everything about it! It's really moisturizing and smells great! 

Anastasia Brow Shaper (I use "dark brown") - Long wearing, and I actually prefer this over the brow wiz. The slanted tip is great for getting ~on fleek~

Laura Mercier Setting Powder (translucent)- what I set with my makeup everyday! 

Nars Illuminator in "Orgasm" - An incredible makeup fave that I've LOVED since high school! Gives you a really nice, luminescent glow. 

Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette - For contouring pros and newbies alike, this is the tool for you! The shades really suit my skin tones, even in the summer months when I am a lot tanner.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Oil - Started to put this on before I go to bed, and it really nurtures my dry skin! I've ready reviews and it's also supposed to help even out skin tone with consistent use. 

MY WISH LIST (disclaimer - obviously will not buy all of this! BUT, all very tempting):

Sunday Riley Power Couple - I hear this is supposed to literally be the wizardry of skin care! Especially the Luna night oil. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector - A new UD product, and I saw this on a video by GlamLifeGuru (Tati) and I've wanted it ever since. 

Foreo ISSA (toothbrush) - Isn't this the weirdest tooth brush you've ever seen?! I like the idea that it's silicone and easy to wash. Me likey. 

Foreo Luna Mini - This is apparently better than the Clarisonic! I really want to try it and up my skin routine to the next level. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders - I still like the idea of strobing! From the photos I've seen, it photographs beautifully. Not sure what shade yet, but I really want to try these! 

Make up Eraser - Another gimmicky makeup product I'm really tempted to try...

Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-powder - I don't like dry shampoo, but for some reason, I feel like this would be great for travel! 

Nude Stix - I love the packaging and the shades are killer.

And that's a wrap!  What will you be picking up? (Ps. Add me on Snapchat: rachspeed to get a first look at my haul when I go & shop!)

Love Always, Rachel 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Lazy Fashion Girl's Guide to Saving! | Chapter 1: Attitude is everything

HEY GIRL! So you want to start saving money? Well, so do I. This is a topic that I’m still searching for answers to. Being a raised-by-a-single-mom twenty-something –year-old with a considerable amount student debt, it’s easy to feel that little green monster when it comes to things you don’t have (YET!!).

Before I dive in, let me put my guide into proper context. I want to start off by saying how grateful I am to have a roof over my head, food in the fridge and a wonderful family that loves me. This is not by all means supposed to be the type of situation where I constantly nag on about not having the latest “it” bag or why I couldn’t jetset to Cayo Coco in 2012 on reading week. This is about my ever-constant struggle to save money, and tips how to NOT get major FOMO when your insta-feed is blowing up with pics of your friends embarking on their latest journeys, or splurges during YEEZY season.

But hey, we all have to start somewhere right?! I used to be the type that would totally shy away from unnerving subjects like this, but I have gained a pretty keen interest in how to grow my bank as of lately. DON’T WORRY, I won’t be crunching numbers, but instead will be sharing my weekly advice on what I’m doing to make sure I can fund my fashion cravings and next big-girl steps.
So without further ado, I present to you… the lazy fashion girl’s guide to saving money!

And it all starts with a bit of an attitude adjustment. It’s easier than it looks.  

Guys, I’m going to let you in on a secret: wealth is a mirage! It’s something that I learned from the several finance books and podcasts that I indulged in while on this quest. The shiny new loubs, balayage highlights and lavish trips may fool you, but this is really what’s up: you never know how deep in the red someone is unless they give you total access to their bank account (not likely). Bottom line: you really don’t know what people are going through, and you can’t automatically assume that others are rolling in dough just because they have YSL tribute heels and you don’t. So don’t be too hard on yourself! Proceed Instagram with caution.               

Look at the #’s
If anything is a trend, it’s this. Denial seems to be a big part of debt. So while we’re still young and resilient, we have to get used to looking at our bank accounts AND our credit card statements. Sure, you’ll wince the first few times, but I promise every time gets a bit easier. Get into the habit of knowing how much you’re spending, even if it’s too much. This will make things much smoother once you’re ready to tackle your bank account, and not feel overwhelmed by the mere sight of it. No more second guessing, go on and log in to your e-banking!! Immerse yourself in all things transactional!! You can do it!

Less Anxiety
This isn’t really a tip, but more of a result. Once you have a larger grasp on your cash, I promise you that pit in your stomach WILL go away. The more you’re on top of managing your accounts, the less anxiety you’ll feel. Trust me. It’s probably the best benefit of this entire $$$ situation!

Stay Mindful
Be present in your life, and enjoy the little things! I know this sounds super corny, but when you express gratitude for all the wonderfulness in your life, suddenly the material items don’t seem so coveted.

Us fashion girls ALWAYS have a wish list in our heads, and that’s what makes it so difficult to say NO when we find the perfect piece. A style anecdote that I swear by however, is to invest on classics (MORE on this later…), but in order to attain a really great purse or timeless pump, it’s going to cost some serious dough. So be patient and organize your game plan! You’ll be thankful you did, and didn’t impulsively buy that neon top at Zara instead. Timeless, quality pieces will be expensive, and require saving… so be patient! It’s not a race.

I hope you enjoyed my first-ever installment of this mini guide! Expect tons more in my next chapter of the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Saving Money! Have any q’s? Shoot me a message on Instagram or Snapchat!

Love Always, Rachel

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Hey everyone! I’m back at it again with another “How I Style” vid for you all… and this time it’s ALL about the bomber jacket! It was really fun to do this one because this is a staple piece that I’ve been rocking from fall till now, and is extremely versatile. Seriously was channeling my inner baddie for these looks (Hint… definitely took inspiration from my celebrity muse for next week’s vid!). All the details from my outfits can be seen in the description box! 

MAJOR PRO TIPS when styling a bomber jacket:

Go body-con: Since the jacket has a rounder silhouette, I layered tighter options underneath, like form fitting dresses and high-waisted jeans. It adds a good contrast and balance to the look!

Neutrals are your friends! When it comes to bombers, it looks really sleek when everything is in a neutral tone. I loved playing around with textures rather than colours. It gives a very “model off-duty” look.

Play with lengths! From minis to midis, bombers look great with it all.

What should be my inspiration for the next styling video? Share with my on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat (user: rachspeed)! 

Hope you guys enjoy! 

Love Always, Rachel

Monday, February 8, 2016

How I Style: Kendall Jenner Inspired Outfits!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share my latest style video with you. I did it a little bit different this time around, and instead of focusing around a staple piece, I inspired my outfits through a celeb - this time, it's Kendall Jenner! 

KJ has totally nailed the effortless "model-off duty" look this past year, and I find myself constantly pinning pictures of her to get some quick outfit inspo. Here are some of my fave looks that I recreated in my latest video:

(This Western belt, I'm obsessed!)


(The perfect balance of casual and put-together.)

One thing that I love about Kendall's style is how easy it was to incorporate pieces that I already had from my wardrobe. I didn't have to buy anything new to  try to attain this look! 

A few of the looks that I did! (Don't mind the middle pic pose, I based it off of one of her instas)

Watch the vid here! 


Look 1:

Shirt - Chaps (Similar:
Jeans - The Gap (Exact:
Belt - Vintage (Similar:
Shoes - Forever 21 (Similar:
Sunglasses - Forever 21 (Similar:

Look 2:

Top - Zara (Exact:
Leather Leggings: Aritzia (Exact:
Bag: Zadig & Voltaire (Exact:
Sunglasses - Same as look 1
Shoes - Adidas Stan Smiths (Exact:

Look 3:
Bomber - Forever 21 (Similar:
Turtleneck - Zara 
Leather Leggings: Same as look 2
Boots: Same as look 1
Sunglasses - Same as look 1
Bag: Same as look 2

Look 4:
Bomber - Zara (Exact:
Top - Brandy Melville (Similar:
Boots - Steve Madden (Exact:
Bag - Same as previous looks

Look 5: 
Sweater - Aritzia (Similar:
Skirt - Urban Planet (Similar:
Shoes - Manolo Blahnik (Similar:
Bag: Urban Outfitters 

Love Always, Rachel 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Big Fall and Winter Haul!

Hey guys! Wanted to share my latest video with you all on my latest purchases! All the details will be in the description box on the video. Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend! 

Love Always, Rachel

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Update! (and a few pics of Toronto Christmas Market 2015)

Hi guys! 

I've been super busy at the new office digs (exciting!) and I'm still trying to get into the swing of things in terms of blogging and youtube. I really wanted to do "vlogmas" but instead, I think I'm going to do 12 days of Christmas (which isn't that far away!). That's where I'll vlog for 12 days leading up to xmas eve!

Today, I went to the Toronto Christmas market with my siblings and Dyl. We tried to get a few pics in before it got dark but it was SUPER cold so we didn't end up taking that many. I have two that I edited down below! 

The editing on phone apps is definitely a lot more effective when I'm using higher quality pics. I'm definitely going to try to use my SLR to take more pics when I'm out and about! Getting super inspired lately! 

Love Always,


Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hey guys! I'm back at it with another styling video! This one was super fun to do, and it makes me anxiously await the arrival of my own over-the-knee boots (these ones are my sister's)! I tried to style outfits that would be good for a number of occasions, but also reflect my own personal style.


Black Boots, Forever 21

Right to left:

Crop top & Skirt - Aritzia

Tunic top: Hollister
Scarf: Zara
Leggings: Wilfrid FREE
Bag: Zadig & Voltaire

Body suit: Dynamite
Jeans: TopShop

I'm obsessed with this bodysuit that I bought at Dynamite this week! It's the perfect piece to wear while going out (and it's a little bit warmer than some of my skimpier clubbing outfits. I'm excited to pair it with a skirt and some cute shoes for a night look. 

Another item that I'm obsessed with: this sweater from Aritzia! I've been eyeing this turtleneck for a long time, and I actually got it as a gift from my mom! I love it! Actually have been wearing it pretty much everyday since I've gotten it. It pretty much goes with everything. 

For all the looks, check out my video below! 

For all the details of my video (plus links on where to get the same/similar items) here you go! 

Here are some details! I tried to provide links as much as I can! 

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2: 
Sleeveless Turtleneck: Forever 21
Faux Leather mini skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch
Backpack: Vintage Roots

Outfit 3:
Cropped long sleeve & Skirt: Aritzia (same style skirt, different colour:
Robe Coat: Hugo Boss

Outfit 4:
Jeans: TopShop (same as outfit 1)
Glasses: Bailey Nelson (same style, different colour:

Outfit 5:
Tunic top: Hollister
Bag: Zadig & Voltaire (same as outfit 4)

Love Always, Rachel

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