Monday, March 23, 2015

SHOP SPENNY has launched!

Hi everyone! 

Every since I was a little girl (cliche, I know), I have had this passion for clothes and style! I've dipped into small designing ventures here and there, but I am SO excited to share my newest design adventure with you all! As you might know, I started a small line of vintage flannels with sassy sayings on the back in November, and I have decided to continue and make them! That being said, I am super thrilled to announce the launch of my new website, Shop Spenny! I got a ton of people asking when I was going to create a website to sell my flannels, and I am happy to finally announce it!

I put a lot of heart and soul into creating this website as well as my flannels, and I'm super thrilled to finally share it with you all.

The Name Change!

"Shop Spenny" is formerly "Rachel Wong Flannels"! I decided to change the name to something slightly easier to remember, and something a little more general in case I decide to expand ;). The name "Spenny" comes from my middle name, Spencer. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

With that being said, my instagram will now also be called "ShopSpenny". If you haven't checked it out, definitely take a look! We post a ton of photos of new styles, so it is definitely the place to get latest updates!

Also, all orders can now be directed to my new e-mail, !

For any FAQ, I have an FAQ tab on my page that will answer all your questions about Shop Spenny!

Please take a look at, and our insta @ShopSpenny

Love Always, Rachel 

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Model: Hailie Mozes 
Hi everyone! Long time no talk. I figure I'd get this blog post out as soon as possible, and I'm really excited to share this news with you all! After having a blast at the VCFS pop-up shop, and having them featured in the show, I've decided to continue to take flannel orders! Thank you all for your support so far with this small business venture of mine, I'm super excited to keep pursuing it!

For those of you who don't know, I've started to create flannels with sassy sayings... so you are now in charge of what's actually "said behind yo' back"! ;) Anyways, I am currently in the process of getting a website up and running, but for now I am taking e-mail orders (will have all the info below)! I have been getting a ton of questions, so I thought I would take the time to make a little FAQ section:

Here are some quick FAQ's:

Where are the flannels from?

They are all vintage and personally chosen by me! There is nothing like the way a vintage flannel feels: all worn in and slouchy!

What size do the flannels come in?

Since they are all vintage, they vary in size. I would say they are "one size", but meant to fit a larger number of different body types. When I am doing my buying, I tend to buy them on the larger side because a) they are meant to be "boyfriend-style" and b) they are able to fit a wide variety of different body types. They can fit pretty much any size, it'll just be a different look depending on the person!

Can I get a custom saying on the back of my flannel? How much does it cost?

YES! Custom flannels can definitely be done, make sure to e-mail me with what you have in mind and I'll be able to give you a quote. I also am able to do them in large quantities (ie. sororities, sports teams, etc)

How do you wash them?

Avoid the dryer during your first wash. After the first wash, the lettering will have a nice fade to it, and they will also become softer. Machine wash and use regular detergent.

Do you have a website that I can order online off of?

Not just yet! I am currently in the process of making one. For now, please e-mail me if you would like to place an order. Will keep you updated once it's up and running! If you would like to keep up in the meantime, make sure to follow the instagram, @rachelwongflannels !

follow the rachel wong flannel insta! 

For those of you who are interested in placing an order or have an inquiry, e-mail me: 

Love Always,


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This Just Pinned: Toast X Karen Walker Collaboration

Hi everyone!

I'm starting a "This Just Pinned" series on my blog, where I share my latest obsessions every tuesday! This week is a good one, especially for my readers who are dog lovers. On Instagram, I have a large love of quirky dogs. Toast is my latest obsession. She is Instagram extraordinaire "fatjewish"'s dog, and she is absolutely fabulous. Ooh, and she's also a rescue dog (from a puppy mill), which is awesome.


Her latest venture is being the face of Karen Walker's new line of sunglasses! I love seeing her little doggy face in the wind. Check it out!

Photos: Karen Walker 

I'm just in love with this little dog. Follow toast on instagram @toastmeetsworld! 

Love Always, Rachel 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

College Staples (feat. American Apparel)!

Hi everyone! I'm back with another post thanks to American Apparel. Second semester has gone full steam ahead, American Apparel asked me to stop by to choose some of my fave staples for going to class in. 


I tried on a pair of riding pants for the first time, and they are super comfortable and also hit you right at the smallest part of your waist, making your waist look super itty-bitty (was feeling a bit like Iggy, not gonna lie). The first pair that I chose was in a burgundy red colour, and i paired it with a striped t-shirt from the men's section. 


I love a good varsity jacket, and I paired it with another staple, riding pants! I also love a good "all black everything" outfit. This varsity jacket is great for layering and matches pants and skirts. 

American Apparel is having a sale this week on January 23rd at all campus locations! 20% off your entire purchase! Stop by to get your college outfit essentials! 

Love Always, Rachel 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Fashion New Year's Resolution: Add colour to your LBD Party Look! (Featuring Daily Look!)

Happy new year y'all!

With all the new year's craziness behind us, it's time to start thinking about our New Year's resolutions. I've come up with a few (read more for fun!), but there are also a few "fashion resolutions" that I want throw into the mix when it comes to my wardrobe. The number one of these: Wear more colour.

For those of you who've kept up with Rach Speed through the years, it's clear that I wear a lot of black now a days. Monotone black and grey outfits have kind of become my thing, while sporting the occasional pair of light denim or plaid flannel.

The classic LBD however, is a black staple that I'll never give up. They're a great investment piece for your closet, and can be styled in infinite ways. The right LBD will stand the test of time, and is a classic piece you can wear to parties time and time again (without people noticing that you're wearing the same dress!). With wedding and party season coming up, I've teamed up with Daily Look to show you how I style the LBD, while also following my Fashion New Year's resolution: wear more colour.

Check out below my LBD look I created featuring Daily Look!

Beautysets - New Year's LBD
1420234814_dl-112081-black-v0 Dl-121024-champagne-v0 Dl-118442-blush-v0 Dl-113463-silver-v0 Dl-99968_v0 Dl-97178_v0

I chose an LBD from Daily Look that is form fitting, with a higher neckline. This dress hugs to the curves of your body but is still elegant. I always loved the combination of blush pink with black, it's soft and feminine, yet sophisticated at the same time. To add colour, I added a blush pink trench coat, and a rose gold clutch. The colour is muted, yet stands out against the black dress. To finish off the look, I added a bit of glamour with a nude sparkly shoe and silver accessories. This look is great for an upcoming wedding, a fancy date or a late-holiday party.

Click here to shop Daily Look Little Black Dresses! 

What are your fashion new year's resolution?

Love Always, 


Monday, December 15, 2014

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2014: $50 & Under!

Hi everyone! I'm back with the latest instalment of my Holiday Gift Guide series. Check out my picks for gifts that are $50 and under! 

1. Rebecca Minkoff Studded Wallet on a Chain, $48.00: One of my must-haves for going out this season is definite a wallet on a chain (WOC). This Rebecca Minkoff one is great; it has a little edge but still extremely practical. For during the day, you can take off the chain and use it as a real wallet. 
2. Back Me Up Mobile Charger, The Bay - $30.00: I have a portable battery of my own, and they're absolutely great and super handy when your phone dies. I love the cute pattern on this one. 
3. Pink Thermal Sleep Shirt - $32.00: Sleep shirts are a great gift idea, and there are a ton of gift sets at PINK to choose from! Sleep shirts are more flexible in terms of fit, and a great option if you're unsure about sizing. 
4. Tarte "Park Ave Princess" Palette, Sephora - $41.00: I've had my eye on this palette for quite some time, and I think it would make an amazing gift. Sephora has a ton of value sets to choose from for the holidays. 
5. Pink Ukulele, Amazon - $36.00: I've been a Ukulele enthusiast for quite some time, and my friend (and fellow ukulele lover) Zoe suggested that they would also make a really nice present! I love the soft pink of this one, and they're easy to find online. (I found this one on amazon)
6. Furry Cover & Hot Water Bottle, Indigo - $29.50: Hot Water bottles are such a nice and comfy bed time accessory to have. Indigo has an awesome gift selection this year, and also came back with these fun hot water bottle covers. 
7. Furry Pom Pom Michael Kors - $38.00: A super fun add on to a handbag! A luxe touch for any fashionista. 
8. Mokara Voluspa Candle, Indigo - $30.00: This is a returning fave to the gift guide because I LOVE THIS CANDLE. It's a bit of a luxury which is why it makes an amazing gift, plus, the container is gorgeous so it doubles as home decor. 

Love always, Rachel 

Check out my other gift guides below: 

$20 & Under 

$100 & Under  

Friday, December 5, 2014

My New Mid-Length Haircut (The Perfect Lazy Girl Hairstyle)!

Hi everyone! I posted my new haircut on Instagram already, but I thought I'd go a little more in depth about it for those who want to know more! I'm generally a pretty indecisive person, and I thought I would never go shorter (like I did circa 2011), but I've recently became obsessed with this midi-length hair. Usually it would be difficult for me to part with my long hair, but after all that it has gone through, it was time for a change. I previously bleached my hair and had very, very light brown hair throughout the summer. Although I liked the look, it was hard to maintain and I couldn't stand my roots. I'm a pretty low maintenance kinda gal when it comes to hair and beauty; I like to keep it simple. The upkeep of lighter hair just was not for me. 

My hair when it was super light! (September 2014)
A couple of months ago, I dyed my hair back to black using a box dye, but it has faded significantly and actually toned out my hair a lot. Currently, it's a medium brown that I'm quite happy with. Before I cut it, I also had some blonde throughout my hair and towards my ends. 

Inspirations! (via Pinterest)

I posted a collage of a few hair inspiration photos I took to the hairdresser. I wanted long layers and more movement in my hair. When it was longer, it was super heavy and really dry towards the ends because of all the bleaching. I wanted a style that was easy to maintain, and cut off my dry ends. 

I went to James Brett Coiffure (downtown Kingston) on Princess Street! I went to Brandy, and she was great, I think she nailed it! My hair feels so much lighter, and I have a feeling this is going to be the perfect lazy girl hairstyle. 

Once I figure out my new haircare routine, I'll definitely make a video! 

Love Always, Rachel 

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