my (quite unreasonable and maybe quite magical?) selfish xmas wishlist

Thursday, December 23, 2010

we all need a little self indulgence... right?

well besides world peace, health & happiness for all - let's face it - we all want something ... and mine just happen to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy outta my budget.

this is my (not just xmas, year round) wishlist!!

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 - I LOVE this bag so much. Probably not getting it till my 50th birthday.

ALEXANDER WANG COCO DUFFEL... 70th birthday prez?

Sequined, Silver toms.... mmmmm


&& at last... a RESTFUL, peaceful xmas with the family :)

much love, Rach


Hey everyone!

I know I'm LONG overdue for a blog post, so I decided to do one now! Lately, I've been mainly focusing on my youtube channel (which can be found on the side!)!

However, I guess it's time to show y'all what I've been up to!

Firstly, I've been thoroughly enjoying my Mirvish subscription - meaning that I am able to see all the wonderful musicals held in TORONTO this year! So far, I have seen Legally Blonde, Priscialla: Queen of the Desert && Wicked - all so amazing. I really enjoy this form of art.

Secondly, also went to a school event - a "semi-formal" as some of you might know it as.

SUCH a false lashes fail.


anywhoo - have been working too much. will post my wishlist for xmas soon time!!

xoxo Rach


Monday, November 15, 2010

Paul & Joe Beaute. I WANT!

Ever since...well maybe a few years ago my brother has this on going joke that I am going to be a cat lady... and I've had this small obsession of cats, just a phase... now I think my kitty cat phase is coming back again. HOW COOL ARE THESE?

xox rach

new pants!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hi everyone,

Got some new pants.... abso-obsessed. Clearly. They are harem style pants and I am obsessed, obsessed...did I mention obsessed? I wanted this style of pant for a while and in a sweat pant it blends comfort and trend - I looooovee!!!

Hat - Vintage (from grandmother)
Jean Jacket - The Gap
Crop Top- American Apparel
Harem Sweats - H&M
Moccasins - Minnetonka

I know I am lacking images lately ... but with school and all - I've been in this blogger-funk. Hopefully I'll be able to manage with exams and all...

To update everyone on what's going on in my life, I am a co-founder of my school's fashion club and it has been SO hectic!

It actually happens to be cofounded, and my fellow blogger bestie, Jess (aka sicashot) - we've been so busy running it that we have been kind of slacking on posts (well at least I have, I'm no super woman like her!!)

Anywhoo, cheers - will updiddlydoodate you soon!

xoxo Rach


Saturday, November 6, 2010

lanvin for h&m
how can you not love it...

xoxo rach

long overdue

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not your typical SUNDAY DIM SUM. Taiwanese parade was celebrating a special holiday, couldn't help but join the festivities.

Dress & Tights, Club Monaco, Boots, Hugo Boss, Headband, Bel Ami, Purse, Coach

A great garage I passed by downtown...


Our room is finally coming together. I'll give you a taste of what it's like:

taken a few weeks ago... should get a photo which is more up to date... but all in all pretty much looks the same

Can't wait to get paint on these walls.

xoxo Rach

white wedding

Vogue, Lauren Kay Santo Domingo's wedding dress.... beautiful.

Star Wars

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Halloween tutorial, you like??


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hi everyone,

I always said that I've been putting my blog on hiatus due to trying to create posts with "substance". I've now realized that I should be able to blog about whatever I choose to, and not to be so extremely selective about it... cause then I'll just end up with nothing on here!

So today's post will be a jumble of junk that I've never gotten around to putting up!

These photos were taken for my back to school outfits (which I later turned into a video for youtube)

The setup on top of my dresser. We just decorated the lamp.

Niv & I being goofs

bel ami photoshoot && cafe princess

Monday, September 20, 2010

A super busy weekend...

Full of plans for the school fashion club, met up with my friend and fellow blogger, Jess - ended up being a lot more social based rather than actual organizing. Fun nevertheless though. Cafe Princess is adorable, and I absolutely love the atmosphere- they have such a precious little space full of lush couches and lots of natural light. Love it!

our organized mess

Since we're both bloggers, we both love to take photos! I love spending time with Jess. She also gave me this neat earring! I LOVE IT. My void for a cartilage piercing is fulfilled!! Here are some outfits of the day:

Jess & I

Cafe princess aside, I also worked a photoshoot for bel ami headbands (yes, I'm still an intern!). Really fun. First time working a photoshoot on location. It was for the school headbands! All of them were adorable. Going for a more equestrian look that day, so here it goes:

Marta (another intern) & I waiting at Victoria Campus.
Vic Campus is beautiful.

I know I should be posting much more then now, which I do plan to do. However I have been working on overdrive with Youtube - So check out my channel! :)

xoxo rach