This Week's Favorites in SKETCH

Monday, March 29, 2010

Drawing is another past time of mine. Today, I decided to draw my FAVORITES in cartoon!
Check out the process...

Dry Erase Markers, High Tech.

Sexy Wha Wha! In The Making...

Et Voila!

The Past week's Post in Pictures...

You like? (Check out the final picture in larger view by clicking it!)

xoxo Rach

Organic Delish! & Tazo Tea!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello readers!

Welcome to my first food blog! (All of my food blogs will fall under the category "RachBITES") If you know me personally, you would know that I am constantly snacking! Food is a hidden passion of mine. I watch food shows all the time - and if I wasn't so passionate about fashion, I can definitely say I would be committing the rest of my life to struggling to become the next Iron Chef (Iron Chef America, anyone?)! On Sunday, me, my aunt & my sister went to the Danforth... and I think I found my favorite healthy grocer!

Carrot Commons
The Entrance of "The Big Carrot"

I do have some indulgences (butter, cheese...McDonalds!), but this year I am trying my best to develop healthy eating habits! However, with so many additives & chemicals in food, it's hard to be aware of what you're actually putting into your body. Now, there are so many much more accessible places to get organically grown produce & organic food products. Besides my fave organic grocery haven, Whole Foods, I have found the newest organic grocery hotspot! In Carrot Commons on the Danforth there is a grocery called The Big Carrot (See photos above)! Not only does the Big Carrot sell produce, organic potatoe chips - they also sell organic beauty products & wellness books!
The Beauty Section at The Big Carrot

Beauty products are all organic, they also sell recycled material makeup brushes, and yummy all-natural ingredient soap. I didn't purchase anything beauty related- but i'll make sure to make a stop and get something next time I'm at the Danforth.

More Natural Beauty Products / Me in the beauty section!

Overall, it's neat, clean - However, the products are slightly more expensive, because they are organic! In the Big Carrot, there is just as much variety of products as a regular grocery store, so you won't have any less assortment of food to choose from. Go check it out :)

More shots of Me (and sis too!) in The Big Carrot!

The organic way is the healthy way!

Update: My mommy says that Whole Foods also has a great selection for all-natural beauty products, I'll make sure to check it out when I get the chance to!

So, e-mail, twitter or comment your suggestions in to me, I'll make sure to be checking them!

ALSO... I have a new favorite beverage (Arizona, you'll always be my first love!)... Tazo Tea! Was at my Auntie's house on Sunday (after we ate and enjoyed a nice meal (greek food, my fave!) at the Danforth) - While I chilled on the netbook and worked on this very blog post, I sipped on some hot Tazo Tea that my Aunt had. It came in normal tea bag packets, and it was super yummy! I chose Mint & Tarragon - the perfect pick-me up!

Drinking Tazo!

Hope all is well & Everyone had a great weekend & a great start to the week!

Love Rach Speed!

Eye See You! (& some other fun treasures)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've always been an extremely superstitious person. Anything from knocking on wood (an annoying habit, I know) to attempting to not letting black cats cross my path - it's silly I know, but I've always been a clumsy person and ANYTHING that can help me not slip, fall and trip - I'm up for! Maybe I should just watch where I walk, or maybe my UGG boots just need some traction! Nevertheless, I've always been obsessed with small charms! And these ones provide so called "protection"!

I am extremely excited to say I have collected four of the main charms - they come from all over the world, different religions and all have different meanings. On the contrary, I'm not exactly the most educated in any of these cultures (and not exactly an amulet expert!), but through friends and a ton of research, I think I can attempt to write the basis of each! If you have any more info for me on any of these lil' treasures, contact me at my blog e-mail at

Some of these charms relate to protection against the evil eye - There is quite a lengthy explanation behind this belief so I don't think I'll elaborate too much -


"The Evil Eye" is the "curse" or "sickness" passed on to other people (sometimes without intention) by people who are usually envious or jealous. I've read in some places that the evil eye can even cause headaches and pain towards people. Sometimes it is called the invidious or envious eye. The evil eye is used in a wide range of cultures & countries - from Italy, to India. This "curse" is one of the most universal beliefs throughout cultures and has a lengthy history behind it. Too read more in depth, check out a great website I found here!

NOW, Lemme go through the good stuff now! (Brief Descriptions)

The Treasures of Kensington!

Hamsa - A palm shaped hand (with thumbs on both sides, making it symmetrical) that is also known as the "hamseh" in Hebrew and "the hand of Fatima" in Islamic culture. It is an old and popular amulet, bringing protection of the "evil eye" to it's wearers.
My Hamsa (upper) & Evil Eye Bracelet (lower)

Evil Eye (the charm)- Clearly, It is meant to protect against the evil eye. I have seen the evil eye in so many different shapes and styles - and has actually become quite the trend to wear it. The evil is usually blue (light or dark) and resembles an eye (obvi!) - however as seen on my bestie, Nicole's neck, I've seen different versions of the evil eye. She wears one that is actually a blue cube, but also is known as the "evil eye" amulet.

Ankh- means "eternal life" or "the key of life", based in Egypt and is seen on hieroglyphics being held by Egyptian gods. The ankh looks like a cross, instead with a loop at the top. I tie mine to my wrist with a RED CORD - Also protection from danger

The Ohm Ring

Ohm - a Hindu symbol meaning "peace". It is used in meditation. Good karma? :)

Anyway loves, those are a few symbols I have now jingling on my arm! I believe in good and bad energy, karma - these charms symbolize that - and on the plus side, aren't they super cool?


Courage My Love

- I got my ankh, red cord, evil eye bracelet and my ohm ring at Kensington Market (Toronto) in a vintage shop called "Courage My Love" - Prices of things weren't expensive - my most expensive buy was my ring - which was 12$, but nonetheless in reach. Most of the jewelry at Courage was under 20$, but my range was around 1$ - 12$! (whatta steal!??!)

Overall, I think they were some good purchases! I've always loved this stuff since I was really small - you can never go wrong with some good karma in your life!

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May good karma, luck & love be with you

xoxo RachSPEED

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Trays, Trains & Love.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guys and dolls,

How has everyone's March madness gone? Swell I hope. My break has gone slowly, but surely has come to it's last days. My family & I went on a short (but sweet!) trip to Buffalo, and we shopped till we dropped!

Well, they shopped till they dropped. I actually didn't purchase anything for myself except a few staples for the bedroom. My sis and I are actually in the long painful process of re-doing our room. We have some of it down (the chandelier & the amazing eiffel canvas), but it is still in its beginning stages! I'll make sure to let this blog in on the (very slow) process. Hopefully, it'll all be worth it!

The first item (STEAL!) is these lovely, vibrant trays from Target. They were about $2.50 (!!!), plastic and absolutely great. We bought two (one for each of us), and it's super handy beside my bed on my night table. Wanna take a peek at what's on my tray? Take a look below...
My tray!

You might notice the beautiful chihuahua on the tray (and on my new banner!) ... introducing sexy wha wha! Haha, it's actually a piggy bank my mom bought me for christmas and it comes with feather boa, blinged out collar and all! Love love it :).

sexy whawha on the loose!

The second great buy was also found at Target, and it is a train case. Basically, it stores all of our (sis's & mine) makeup. It was this raised velvet pattern that is fun, and it has a ton of space to house all of our glosses, blushes & bronzers. It is also great to carry on the go and to bring to a friends house to get ready for a night out. It's a good size, and a good price! About 25$.
Choo-Choo Train Case!

The Real Deal!

It's perfect and fits all my makeup :) I plan to find one for my nail polish & etc too. Easy & on the go! Love.

All in all, Buffaluffalo was worth the trip!


getting my bum to dim sum!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

up at the rooftop of the parking lot

xoxo rach

Stuff I Love This Month!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just a few pretty things...
(click on the photo for a larger view)

So, these are a few things I'm absolutely adoring in the month of March. I've been super duper loving anything with the union jack on it. Tryin' to channel ginger spice a little bit? Haha, nah, I just love all the furniture with the union jack on it! It gives a classic piece a funky twist. I also been loving LADY ANTEBELLUM. I'm a sucker for anything country, and this band is on my ipod on REPEAT. I think they're going to be huge, and they've already performed at the Grammy's.

Now onto stuff I'm definitely drooling over this month:

1. A romper (the one in the collage is from Forever 21), I really really love these! Wouldn't it just be so cute in the summer with sandals and a cardigan? Cuteee. Forever has a few in stock, but I'm sure there will definitely be more to choose from once all the summer clothing hits the shelves.
2. Moccasins! Ah, I just bought my own minnetonka pair from Over The Rainbow. 30$! Whatta steal.

What are your fave things this month?

xoxo Rachspeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

Chictopia - A World of Chic! (What could be better?!)

Facebook, myspace, twitter, flickr - all these sites are for social networking, which is the for sure, the future of communicating. In a press of a button, your whole life can become broadcasted all over the technological world.

Now, there is a virtual haven by the name of Chictopia, which is basically facebook in leather jackets, rompers & louboutains! Its a fashion community online where people are able to post photos of OoOTD (outfit of the day), inspirations (sketches, drawings) or must-haves (those hot prada boots, anyone?). Its a pretty small community and none of the members have ever harassed me or been super bitchy or anything like that. In fact, everyone is pretty nice! People share their faves, hates about fashion and stuff they are absolutely drooling over. You are able to vote on other people's pages, and you can see what everyone is wearing and where you can get something just like it! Chictopia also has contests every so often where you can post pictures of outfits and win some fabulous prizes! Mmm... I love this world of chic!

My chictopia was my OBSESSION (see photo for a glimpse of my page) when I first got it, but with school and such, I haven't been able to post as frequently as I'd like to.

Read my NEWEST post @ :

Hope you all have a chic day! (Check out my page!)

xoxo rae

My School Bag

A school bag is a must-have for anyone, It makes it super easy to carry around books, pencils, make-up... you name it!

If you must carry a bag, why not it be a cute one? I've toted around many bags to school, and every now and then, I still switch around which one I use.

Backpacks are always the classic bag that mostly everyone will be carrying to school. They are easy, and a lot better on your back rather than a tote. As a matter of fact, one of the cutest backpacks I've see lately is one that my bestie N bought for a track and field meet. It's a classic Jansport backpack, polka dotted and absolutely lovely!

Now what kind of bag do I carry, you may ask?

Well, now and then I occasionally use my Mountain equip co-op backpack, especially in the winter, when it snows like mad, its a lot easier to carry around. However usually, I use my lululemon "lucky tote", which is a godsend! It's purple, girly and absolutely positively CONVENIENT! I fell in love with it at first sight. The interior is great, and it has a pocket for everything! Its not too big, and not too small and I can carry all my school work in it as well as my makeup bag, ipod, camera...etc. It is actually very roomy and sometimes I don't even realize how much stuff I have in it! (One time I didn't even know I had shoes in it, can you believe it?) You can see what my bag looks like in the picture above. The bag was about 98$, which is a fair price. Lululemon makes great quality products, and this bag has yet to disappoint. It's definitely one of my favorite purchases!

What bag do you carry around?

xoxo rach
Hello wuvluvss,

It's been too long since I actually used the internet as a place to express anything whatsoever! It's been quite boring lately, and I've been on a lot of field trips & such.

Because my schedule has been to darn hectic(!), I've been getting into the pattern of waking up at six am, unforch, that is all going to change because of daylight savings! Good thing we have one week to get used to the time change. I like waking up early and having so much time to get ready in the morning, everything just seems so much more relaxed and this way, I don't forget anything at home.

So this is my first blog post! Mostly, this blog will be about stuff I like (ie. clothes, places, books...etc)... hah I should call it that.

Welcome to" stuff I like!"

xo rach