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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello readers!

Welcome to my first food blog! (All of my food blogs will fall under the category "RachBITES") If you know me personally, you would know that I am constantly snacking! Food is a hidden passion of mine. I watch food shows all the time - and if I wasn't so passionate about fashion, I can definitely say I would be committing the rest of my life to struggling to become the next Iron Chef (Iron Chef America, anyone?)! On Sunday, me, my aunt & my sister went to the Danforth... and I think I found my favorite healthy grocer!

Carrot Commons
The Entrance of "The Big Carrot"

I do have some indulgences (butter, cheese...McDonalds!), but this year I am trying my best to develop healthy eating habits! However, with so many additives & chemicals in food, it's hard to be aware of what you're actually putting into your body. Now, there are so many much more accessible places to get organically grown produce & organic food products. Besides my fave organic grocery haven, Whole Foods, I have found the newest organic grocery hotspot! In Carrot Commons on the Danforth there is a grocery called The Big Carrot (See photos above)! Not only does the Big Carrot sell produce, organic potatoe chips - they also sell organic beauty products & wellness books!
The Beauty Section at The Big Carrot

Beauty products are all organic, they also sell recycled material makeup brushes, and yummy all-natural ingredient soap. I didn't purchase anything beauty related- but i'll make sure to make a stop and get something next time I'm at the Danforth.

More Natural Beauty Products / Me in the beauty section!

Overall, it's neat, clean - However, the products are slightly more expensive, because they are organic! In the Big Carrot, there is just as much variety of products as a regular grocery store, so you won't have any less assortment of food to choose from. Go check it out :)

More shots of Me (and sis too!) in The Big Carrot!

The organic way is the healthy way!

Update: My mommy says that Whole Foods also has a great selection for all-natural beauty products, I'll make sure to check it out when I get the chance to!

So, e-mail, twitter or comment your suggestions in to me, I'll make sure to be checking them!

ALSO... I have a new favorite beverage (Arizona, you'll always be my first love!)... Tazo Tea! Was at my Auntie's house on Sunday (after we ate and enjoyed a nice meal (greek food, my fave!) at the Danforth) - While I chilled on the netbook and worked on this very blog post, I sipped on some hot Tazo Tea that my Aunt had. It came in normal tea bag packets, and it was super yummy! I chose Mint & Tarragon - the perfect pick-me up!

Drinking Tazo!

Hope all is well & Everyone had a great weekend & a great start to the week!

Love Rach Speed!

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