Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello loves!

How about being stylish and environmentally friendly at the same time! That is the best form of multitasking I've heard in a while. This is one of the main projects I've done this month, and I can't wait to show you! At my school, our environment council and culture council put together a fashion show - part were recylced outfits and part were cultural outfits. I am happy to say I was featured as one of the designers in the show! It was really an honor. Anywhoo, I decided to mesh the cultural and ecological aspect together and create .... a kimono, out of coffee filters! I put a fashiony twist onto the kimono, and added a shorter hem and flowers cascading along one side of the collar.

I used coffee filters in two different sizes, and I glue gunned them so they fanned out. I also decided to add a bolder shoulder to make it a more edgy and include the cultural aspect of it.

My lovely friend, Rachel (I know! Same name!) was a fantastic model and the dress fit her to a tee. In the photos, she wore some metallic gold sandals by French Connection. On the runway, she wore black strappy heels, also by French Connection.

So now, my lovely readers! Here is the shoot I did ...Featuring the gorgeous Rach V. !

In action!

The Back, and Front

Overall, the fashion show was an amazing experience and I will definitely participate next year, except I hope that I'll be able to design more dresses! Also, it has taught me to become much more environmentally conscious as well as gain a much greater interest in helping the environment! It was alot of working, but definitely worth it! Overall, the show was absolutely fabulous, and a big thank you to the MEAC for letting me express my creative (and ecological!) talents!

The dress makes its debut

Giggling backstage! (pictured left), Rachel & Rachel! (on the right)

xoxo RachSpeed

The dress (in it's earlier stages)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Anyway, I did a fun craft last night I'd like to share :). I always loved the "bejeweled" idea on electronics. However, this is usually pricey and permanent (unless you have a case which is bejeweled). A bedazzled phone can usually cost a good share, as it is made of swarovski crystals.

As I was at my local dollar store, I found the best idea in the craft aisle! They are these self-adhesive gems which came in various sizes in vibrant colours! For about a hundred crystals of various sizes (this is what comes in one packet) it costs 1$. For this project I used about 4 packets, which is about 400 crystals. Each packet I chose was a different colour. I opted for lime green, hot pink, purple and silver! Super girly colours!

My bargain crystals!

People who are super tedious in their work (like my mother), can use tweezers to apply the smaller gems. However, as a precaution not to wreck my new ipod, I decided to use my fingers, which worked pretty well. (I have small fingers though!) - Another great thing about these crystals is if they fall off you don't have to fret because they are so incredibly inexpensive. In addition, they come off easily and do not ruin the original surface of your ipod. I tried to do swirly stripes on my ipod!


My sister & mother also did their ipods. My sister's is the ipod touch & my mother's is the other ipod classic (with the cool, blue colours)

- If you didn't notice within the pictures, I actually bejeweled my headphones as well - It gives you a little ear candy! So cute. I hope this post inspires you to bejewel your stuff too!

- Also, since the adhesive isn't the stronget on the jewels, I plan to actually use a glue gun and put them onto a clear case, that way I can have my ipod bejeweled or not, and plus it's much more reliable that the jewels do not fall off!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day & expect a post very very soon!

xoxo Rach

RACHSPEED FEATURED IN HYPEED: The Timelessly StylishTrench Coat!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hi girlies!

I have exciting news that I have been waiting to say! I am featured on Hypeed in their new issue of their magazine. The theme was the classic trench. Now that the online magazine is finally published, I am able to share the fantastic news with you guys! I have done a web review on Hypeed before, and this issue of the magazine is amazing nonetheless, everyone looks amazing. To read the magazine, click here! I hope you readers love it!

xoxo Rach!

RAINBOOTS: Let's Splash in Puddles!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wellingtons, Rubbers, Rainboots...Rainy days like today will always be sunnier in the perfect pair of rainboots! Look your best in any style. Today my lovely readers, I decided to post about the three wellies I own! Three completely different styles! :)

The first look I did was with the classic Hunter Wellington. Based in the UK, these boots are absolutely perfect for rainy weather. And up here when it's freezing in the T-Dot, they are actually amazing in slush! You can even buy the fleecy liners and they can double up as winter boots. Hunters are about knee-high and are great trudging through rain and snow. They also look fantastic with dresses and skirts, which I have done throughout the entire season. Since they are indeed the classic rainboot, I paired it with a classic hat and khaki coloured trench! However, these boots are actually quite versatile! The Hunters I own are navy blue, although the colour didn't translate onto the photo, they appear black. They do come in a variety of colours! My next Hunter purchase will be patent fuschia pink I hope! :) Hunters range in price depending on the store, but I think they are around 130 - 150 dollars.

These rainboots are a COMPLETELY different style, which I love as well. These boots are military style, with laces all the way up - with just a hint of a soft, girly pink! I find that they look like Doc Martens! These are a little tougher and edgier, but I bet they would look great with girly skirts or cargo pants. I paired it with an army green jacket, a denim top and a pink scarf & skinny jeans. This would be ideally what I would wear with these boots. They are completely made out of rubber, and are completely waterproof. Also, they are knee length, so they are great when the weather gets bad. However, I wouldn't recommend to wear them in extremely cold weather because they are not lined, but maybe you can if you wear thick socks. The laces in the front even tie up! These boots were purchased for 100$ at Capezio.

Splish Splash!

Finally, the cutsey rainboots - who can go wrong with polka dots and Paul Frank? These were the best steal, being that they were 50$! I wore a orange striped top to bring out the brightness of the dots on the boot! As a jacket, I wore a short military jacket. I would wear these in warmer weather versus the Tretorns and the Hunters, because they are shorter and thinner. They are indeed short, so they are better for puddles and not so much slush and snow. However, they are super cute, and I would even think they would look cute with bright dresses or shorts!

Over all, I think that rainboots are such a great investment piece. I've seen cute ones everywhere! One of my favorite picks were the Liberty of London little girl rain wellies at Target, they were absolutely gorgeous, however I think they are now discontinued. I have also seen cute ones at Wal-Mart! If you have an absolute fave pair of rainboots, e-mail a photo @!

I am absolutely so sorry I didn't get to my RACHSPEEDFEATURE yesterday! I took a power nap and felt sort of sick so I couldn't get to it...but expect it Thursday as per usual! Anyways, I will get more consistent with my posts, I promise you!

Love, Rach!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sorry, I've been kind of MIA for the last few days. Usually, I post every other day but I've been a little delayed recently. It's the end of the year for school and I have a ton of stuff to do. And as school always is, it is all due this week! So I've been just barely making deadlines. Plus, I have a ton of fashionish projects to do (which is soon be updated on this blog!) that I am so incredibly excited to share.

With all the projects in play this week - I (sadly &) unfortunately have to flake out of the SPEED FEATURE Barbie post this Thursday - but I GUARANTEE you it'll be up by Saturday at the latest. I have a few other posts lined up that'll be up soon; as soon as this week is over I'll be able to post more frequently. And I really cannot wait till summer! I'll be able to post everyday. That is, if I have something post-worthy.

I'm kind of lacking in visuals which is the main reason why I haven't been able to post. What's a good post without pictures? But I plan to take some photos soon. Until then, I suppose this adorable photo of my Auntie's dog, Buddy shall do.

I love this photo, I find it so funny.

So, expect more to come! A big hug to all my readers- I love hearing from you & your suggestions - so please e-mail me at my NEW e-mail - My other one no longer exists. See you guys soon.

So...In RECAP:

- SPEEDFEATURE (Barbie 3/3) will be posted on Saturday, April 24th 2010.

- However, I might do a post before then (on something unrelated); SpeedFEATURE's take a lot of time to prepare so that's why it takes longer....but any posts I might do before then are nevertheless fun!



xoxo Rach

Mixin' it UP(date)!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello, Just a quick post!

So, I decided to participate on Hypeed's open contribution call. The theme: Mixing prints & patterns. So, after I put my outfit together, I thought that this would be a wonderful topic to post!

Dress: Forever 21
Shirt: American Eagle
Bangles: South Africa
Mixing patterns can make the look of one clothing item completely different than if it was just worn by itself. Mixing patterns can make anything appear in a different light. The outfit that I did was a fun, preppy look. I mixed this vintage looking floral dress with a blue striped collared shirt with princess sleeves! How pretty! To make the outfit look more put together, I added some tribal looking bangles and a fun sequin clutch! ... Will be posting more soon, keep reading!

If you're not too busy...SCORE MY HYPEED CONTRIBUTION!
Love, Rach

RACHSPEED...HYPEED. Good things rhyme.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello everyone!

So, I haven't done a web review in a while (Picture to the left is me out & about!) (it was actually one of the first posts!). A few weeks ago, I found this website which is an online fashion magazine, and ... the members are the contributers! As a girl who wants to pursue a career in fashion communication (I want to work for a magazine one day!) - this is an absolute dream for me!

Hypeed, has yet to dissapoint me. Its a fun website that I've been absolutely obsessed with. Although I've only been on Hypeed for about two weeks, I'm already a connoiseur (a rank you get when your extremely active on Hypeed) due to my addiction. It's a good addiction though, because it's all about fashion and magazines...which I love. And the entire community is so nice too! It's not the stilletto-wearing catty environment that you might think it is.

Main page of Hypeed

So, the main activity on this site is the open contribution calls, where you can submit photos of your outfit which revolve around a theme. There are usually about six themes at a time, if not less or more. There are two types of themes which members can contribute their outfit photos to;

1. Classic theme: A timeless staple like a trench coat or denim, or a certain patterns (or mixing it up!) that you are able to put your twist on it, style it however you like! (ie. denim can be either a classic jean, or a whole jumpsuit!)

One of my contributions

2. Creative theme: Gives you an inspiration idea to draw from to create your look. At the moment, the creative themes are coffee and music.

My Profile on Hypeed

Hypeed prefers high quality photographs, and also have them approved by a moderator before they can be scored. The highest scored sets in the contribution calls will be published in their online magazine. The site is easy to maneuver, and straight forward- which I like very much. Hypeed is still a fairly new company, so I can't wait to see what they'll do next! Hypeed call's themselves the "Fashion Magazine for Real People", and it is just that! Real people with great style sharing their looks in one online magazine. What an ingenius idea!

When I made member of the day, no lie, I just about fainted.

Overall, Hypeed is my new craze, and I can't wait to contribute more! I will definitely tweet about it when I do. I'll post the links to Hypeed, their twitter & their blog below!

Love, Rachspeed

Hypeed Blog:
Hypeed Twitter:

Hey Barbie...I mean Sister (Barbie SpeedFEATURE: 2/3)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's THURSDAY, and if you are a regular RachSpeed reader, then you'll know it's my day to post for my series of the month, also known as SpeedFeature. This month, I decided that this SpeedFEATURE will be on the beloved Iconic Barbie Doll.

So, the first post in this series basically explained why I love Barbie and such - now it's time to get down to the fun stuff! A barbie inspired makeup look! My sister & I collaborated to create this fun, barbie inspired look - using blues and of course, pinks! It was inspired by the first Barbie. Products we used will be shown after the tutorial steps.

Our Inspiration; blue shadow & bold lips

My sis Syd; FIRSTLY, start with a fresh face!

First, Prime your eyes with a primer (products will be listed below). Primer is a base for your eyeshadow, and will help it last for a longer time as well as prevent creasing. Sort of like what a base coat does for your nail polish, except for your eyes!

Next, take an eyeshadow brush, and use a bright vivid blue (like the picture inspiration) on your entire lid. We used the colour "Alice" in the "Alice in Wonderland" limited edition Urban Decay palette. In the crease of the eye, we used a dark grey colour. Blend accordingly with a blending brush (Mac 217). Make the shadow fan out a little bit, but blended and faded.

Next, take a black eye liner pencil and line your top lash line. This will help when you apply a liquid liner. It also will help the black winged liner look a little more blended with the eye shadow. On your water line (the bottom lash line), line the bottom of your eyes with a white eye pencil (this will help brighten your eyes). Or, in this case, use a white shadow. The winged eyeliner is the most difficult. Trace along the black eye liner you have already applied and wing it out slightly. If you make a mistake, use a Q-Tip to fix it up. Done the eyes (oh, and don't forget mascara, our pick is Loreal Voluminous in Carbon Black)!

To make the face look a little warmer, use a sun-kissed looking blush. Since me and my sister have a darker complexion, we use a deeper red - but different skin tones will look better with different shades. Apply on the apples of your cheeks as well the high points of your cheek bones to your temples (like a C shape).

Since our skin is darker and yellowy, this eye wouldn't look too flattering with a red lip. Instead, we opted for a bright pink lip. We chose a gloss to make it much more modern.

And this is the final look! Mostly created by the sister, I feel this is a really easy, fun look, inspired by our favorite plastic friend, Barbie!

you like? read sydiepie

The products we used:

Eyes: Laura Mercier Eye Shadow Base, Urban Decay Eyeshadow in "Alice", Urban Decay Liner in "Zero", Black Annabelle Liquid Liner, Mac 217 Brush, Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow blush, Sephora shadows in Pearl No. 6 & Aspen No. 23

Also, Featured, The Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette (limited edition)

Cheeks: Bobbi Brown Face Blender, Mac Blush in Eversun, Mac Blush Brush (don't know the number, it was discontinued), Mac 169 brush

Lips: Mac Lipglass in sun set:

I hoped you liked the second installment in my Barbie series! Keep reading and there'll be another Barbie inspired post next Thursday, until then, keep checking my twitter, or follow for updates on new regular posts! Also, I'm happy to say that I'm just now, but you can still find me at my old site address (, anyone from there will be redirected to my new domain. Have a ton of ideas, so keep checking in!

Love RachSpeed (dot com!)