Smiles & Summer

Monday, May 24, 2010

How is everybody doing?

Where I live has been receiving some beautiful weather! I decided to take advantage of it and take some outdoor photos! I put together a couple of outfits, which I was going to base around the theme - pastels. However, I had to discard one of the looks because the lighting in the photos was drab. I think they are just more summer looks now... so that's what they are... summer looks!


Firstly, I'll start with my outfit of the day - I went to lunch with the family yesterday. It was super hot, and I decided to wear a pleated gray dress, and cinched in the waist with a belt. I also added a scarf, and took my bestie, Dasha's advice and tucked the ends into the belt. It made everything look much more fluent.

I used my mah-mah's backyard as my setting for the next two outfits - I feel like it's my own little secret garden. Usually, there are rose bushes, but they have yet to blossom yet. For the first outfit. I mixed different elements together such as jersey, cotton and terry cloth. I mixed pastel colours together with a basic colour - gray. For a little fun & sparkle, and added some sparkly sequin ballet flats and a ribbon I used as an oversized bow headband.

The next look I put together was with basic jean cutoffs, and my summer staple (see my youtube vid!) a floppy brim hat, I matched a pretty pink top tucked into my high waisted jean shorts and a belt. This look is super pretty!

I also have lately been taking an interest in photography, and I experimented a little bit! Check it out here.

xoxo Rach

Absolutely Dash-ing

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Loves!

So today, is something completely new, I would love to introduce my current style star, Dasha. She is a bestie of mine, who has a keen eye for pretty, chic pieces such as floral patterned dresses and blazers. I picked my favorite looks of Dasha, as you will see below. Before I get to that, I asked Dasha what her favorite trends for spring and summer are, plus what she'll be wearing this summer.

She is a ballet dancer/student and you can definitely spot her on bloor, the annex or at the nearest Club Monaco finding her latest steal. Now, let's see what her fave trends for this summer will be:

1.) The outdated rule againts socks and sandals has got out the window this coming spring. Add lightweight thigh-highs with your floaty summer dresses.

2.) Tuck the ends into a belt- hold your beautiful flowy scarf in place with a belt.

3.) ROMPER ROMPER ROMPER - you cant go wrong!

4.) Last but not least, for the chilly days in spring. These lightweight flowy but flattering pants.

Dasha's style is light, flowy, romantic - but has a little bit of edge. She enjoys to take risks with fashion, and doesn't hesitate to rock the latest fashion obsessions. Always looking graceful (she's a ballet dancer), she also takes inspiration from

Accessorized with simple shorts, blazers, pretty grey short sleeved turtle necks and floral skirts.

Sequins, Ballet Dancer, Blue shorts (The same ones I own! See my summer trends post)

Photography (Pictures to the high right and lower right) by Emma Novotny

The skirt; a statement piece - added with simpler pieces such as a white tank, a flesh coloured cardigan, a leather shoulder bag... and a smoothie! yum.

I picked Dasha as my current style star because of her way to make simple pieces look chic, and throwing in a trend or two - but still looking sharp, simplistic and pretty! Surprisingly, we actually own a lot of the same stuff (ha! did you notice the blue shorts?) and I find that sometimes, our styles are quite similar.

Dash & I as little tykes!

Hope you enjoyed!

xx Rach

SHH... My Secret Wants LIST

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hi everyone!

This'll be a small post on some things that are definitely on my wish list for summer. They all range in price, but I hope to find more inexpensive versions, because isn't it the best when you find a great deal? Anyway, these are a few things I'll be lusting over this summer!

1. THE WEDGE: I love these ones because they are high and the straps are thick and leathery. Also, I love the fact that the wedge is wood, as well as angular and interesting in it's own right. I think brown is quite the versatile colour, and it would look great with denim or pretty floral dresses! They are different from espadrilles, but still give that same bohemian look - however, I feel that these ones have a much cleaner appearence and can make you look more put together. Another great bonus of wedges is that they are extremely comfortable and you'll be completely fine in them all day long!

2. THE RETRO SWIMSUIT: Can anyone tell me where on earth I can find this bathing suit. The new Teen Vogue issue comes out this month, and Amanda Seyfried (from the movies Mean Girls, Dear John, Mamma Mia!, and her newest, Letters to Juliet) graces the cover in some exquisite retro looks. One look in particular that I fell absolutely in love with is .... THIS BATHING SUIT!! I have yet to buy the issue so I cannot see where it is from, but I absolutely love it. I think they styled it to a tee, the high ponytail is perfect. Also, I love the fact that there is a little skirt, it reminds me of my swimsuit when I was little! I've actually been wanting a red one piece bathing suit for quite some time... but now I finally found the perfect one! (I just now need to know where I can get one!)

3. Turquoise Statement Necklace: When I was watching "The Rachel Zoe Project", I just couldn't get over how she styled Eva Mendes for the Golden Globes (pictured left). She wore this beautiful white dress along with this stunning turquoise necklace. I haven't found anything like it yet, but I did find a jade coloured one at Forever 21 (which is pictured above to the right). However, it's not similar enough to the photo for me, and I'm not diggin' the black ribbon with the green colour. I'm totally drooling over this necklace! I think it would look great with either a formal dress or just with a denim jean jacket and a white tee- whatever floats ya boat!

4. Paloma Sugar Stacks: I've heard about these for quite some time now, but I haven't actually wanted one till now. I think it's absolutely so pretty and simple. I chose the green one which is a peridot stone - which also happens to be my birthstone! They are quite pricey, so I don't think I'll be able to get one for quite some time - but I love it!

So those are my wants for now! I thought they would also bring some inspiration to my blog ideas, and maybe draw from them when I go shopping. It's easier to shop when you know what you're looking for! I'll be back with more posts soon! Also, Thank you to everyone whose watched & supported my Youtube Channel! You can watch that HERE. I'll be juggling between the two - but I'll definitely be posting on my blog as frequently as usual, so don't fret! I think I'll also be doing videos often to, let's see how I manage!


To Dim-Sum it Up (& my first YOUTUBE vid!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello everyone!

Today, I went to lunch with the family, just as usual rach Sundays go. The hustle & bustle of China Town always gives me such a thrill! I took a few photos today!

Let me start by doing an outfit of the day!

Dress is Jacob and bought A LONG time ago, but I decided to revive it and belt it. Belt is vintage. Paired it with my favorite, the always stylish jean jacket (the Gap)! As well as a leather bag and my leather thong sandals, which unfortunately not shown in the photo, but they are shown in the photos below. I also wore my favorite sunglasses from Forever 21! I absolutely love these. They are similar to the Chloe ones in past seasons, except probably for about five percent of the price. My cousin JKÈ has the real ones, they're lovely!

Here are some more photos of my day:

It was such beautiful weather! Also, I have been constantly egged on by readers ( you know who you are!) to start Youtube. And I am proud to announce the launch of my channel, RachSpeed! This is just a goofy video of me & my sister in the car, but I plan to make more serious ones in the future, with REAL information! :) Also, I think I'm going to do those "take you around vlogs" sort of like WongFu weekends, except fashion-ish? I'm going to write as well as make videos, when I'm in the video mood. I feel that it's more personable! I can't wait to see your response! SO... Here is RACHSPEED below! Tell me what you guys think!

xoxo RACH

Sweet Magnolias

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guys & Dolls,

How has it been? I am terribly sorry I haven't posted as frequently as usual. It's been way too long! So, this post will be related to incorporating a pretty, soft pink in outfits. Since pink is also Barbie's favorite colours, I will count this as my last BARBIE speedfeature!

Pink is my absolute fave colour. This summer, it will be extremely soft and girly to wear a light, more magnolia coloured pink. This post is also inspired by the magnolia tree next door. I took a few photos of it! My inspiration.

Inspired by sweet magnolias.

Now let's get to the outfits! (Worn by my lovely model & sister, Sydney - Styled by me)

This soft pink can be worn in a Bohemian look. When doing so, you can wear it with a pretty, loose, flowy dress. I paired this with a peace belt, vintage bangles, to add to the theme. On feet, some pretty leather thong sandals. Add an acoustic guitar, and you're set for jams on the beach! I absolutely love the pink - it adds a girly feel to the outfit.

Dress, Sandals - Gap
Belt - AE
Bangles - Vintage

My sis & I got creative and decided to pin the dress in the back, it creates a completely different look! Firstly, it is much shorter and it has an almost bustle inspired back. Poufs out, and makes the dress quite interesting! I would wear this with a jean jacket, and probably the sandals shown. Completely changes the silhouette of the dress!

The final look is a prepster look. With my favorite staple, the blazer, and some stripey shorts - this definitely looked like an outfit any stylish prefect would wear. A shot of pink made it cute, sweet and added to the simplicity. The collared shirt is a slight pink, and also added a thick ribbon, tied as a headband.

Collared Shirt, Club Monaco, Blazer, Banana Republic, Shorts, A&F, Sandals, The Gap

Hope you all are enjoying a fantastic weekend!

xoxo Rach

What's In My Makeup Bag?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello readers!

It's always important to pack the absolute beauty essentials. You'll never ever know when you're mascara will run, your hair poofs up or when you just need a simple touch up. Do not fret! You're makeup bag will always come sweeping in to save you!

What I have here is the essentials I put in my makeup bag! The one I carry around, were part of a gift from two of my friends - It's Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani for Sephora. It is lined with plastic, so it's extremely easy to clean. Plus, I have hand washed it - and it turned out as good as new! The one I carry is pretty big, probably also big enough for travel.

On one side I organized non-makeup items, most have to do with purely grooming as well as hygiene. I will now explain what I carry on the first side of my makeup case!

Hand Sanitizer (Purell) - Especially with all the germs & viruses flying around these days, it's great to have, this way you don't have to run to the bathroom every time you feel germy or icky! These travel sizes are perfect to stow in your bag! There are different types of hand sanitizers, but I prefer Purell, it's not sticky & I prefer them unscented.

Nail Buffer - Pretty self explanatory, but this way your nails will look fresh and you won't have to fuss or be self-conscious about them.

Makeup Remover - If your makeup begins to run after the gym, or you've been out the rain, it's great to have your makeup remover, you'll feel refreshed and have a clean canvas to do your makeup over again.

Pad/Tampon (in the elephant cover) - A slick way to cover a personal object is using a square change pocket. Always need one just in case!

Cotton pads/Cotton Swabs - Great for applying last minute touches, removing makeup or removing or cleaning up your nail polish! A universal MUST.
Hair Elastics/Bobby Pins - To do last minute updos, or just simply tying your hair up.
All of these items (listed above) were purchased at my local drugstore.

The next is my makeup side! I put the absolute essentials for touch ups.
Lip Balm - Re-moisturize your lips! I use Burt's Bees, I'm a faithful follower! Burts Bees Lip Balm in Pomegranate

Pocket Mirror- For last minute reassurance that you look gorgeous! (The kitty one was a gift from my Grandma on her trip to Hong Kong)

Bronzer- A must for that pretty, toasted, sun-kissed glow! Laura Mercier Bronzer in Coral

Mascara - This mini one is perfect and small enough to fit in the smallest clutches! DiorShow

Eyeliner - Korres
Lip Gloss - Miss Marble, Mac
An all purpose makeup brush - Bobbi Brown Hand cream - This on smells like my favorite - citrus & cantaloupe! Yummy. Fruits & Passion
Multiple - This is one of the best makeup products to carry in your bag, because it has so many different purposes. You can use it on your lips, eyes cheeks... It's the legendary Nars Multiple in "Orgasm" - A pretty, dewy pink that you can apply on basically any part of your face. Nars Multiple, Orgasm
Blush - It sets the multiple as well as gives a pretty flush to your cheeks! Smooth Merge Mineral Skin Finish, Mac

And that is what I keep in my makeup bag! xoxo Rach!

"I want more makeup!!

PS. BARBIE SPEEDFEATURE IS STILL COMING. I'm sorry I've been sorta slacking! Please remind me! xx