My Favorite Little Jewels

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello everybody!

I know it's been way too long ... and it's been so difficult to come up with posts lately! Give me feedback at my e-mail,

So... I've been wearing a TON of jewelry lately... mostly pretty silver pieces. I wanted to share with you my fave pieces of the moment!

SPEED LOOK OF THE MOMENT: Silver chains, cutsey animals, pretty charms

I've been aching for a double ring lately... my sister actually bought this at Forever 21, and it was love at first sight! It bonds two of my latest obsessions in to one look; metal animals and double rings! Aren't the birds just precious? The ring was also comfortable, although it was slightly restricting.

Another trend which I have been wearing is the piling on of bracelets. Anything silver & pretty, I've completely covered my right wrist. For a short of colour, I added my evil eye bracelet.
Love, R. Speed

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