A Taste of Forest Hill & India

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello all!

So I'd like to first showcase these wonderful bangles my cousin brought me back from india. They're gold & absolutely gorgeous!! I love that they have all different patterns. Also, she brought back these beautiful rings as well...A peacock and an elephant. Since they were a bit large on my finger, I decided to stack them and it made a much snugger fit.

My taste of India!

Also, I've been to Yorkdale mall a lot this week.... I was at the PINK store (which I LOVE!!) and they're holding this event where you get a free PINK puppy with every purchase! Now, sexywhawha has a friend!! Mine is the Zebra one!

Sexywhawha, a spectator of the PINK dog photoshoot!!

I slept over at a friends house as well! She lives in Toronto during the summer... and it's always great to meet up with her! As always with all my friends, we decided to hold a mock photoshoot! I absolutely LOVE this shirt I'm wearing, which is actually hers! It's from TNT kids. White tees with distressed jeans are always great.

Our Outfits of the day

OBSESSED with her headband - Juicy Couture

We grabbed starbucks at the village and hung out & did girly things! I love girly nights like these!! Anywhoo, planning to do back to school posts soon...

xoxo Rach

Shopping Downtown!

Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging lately, but I will get into the routine soon. It's been so incredibly busy and I have neglected my blog in the process! Also, I've been doing videos in the meantime, and I've had a great response from you guys!
Anywhoo, enough with my complaining - let me get started! Lately, I've been shopping around a ton, and me and my blogger friend, jess from sicasshot - went around downtown Toronto. We hit a bunch of different shops - all quite exciting!
Kensington Market

being too cool for school!

vintage store - "I Miss You"
Once we were done with Queen, we decided to hit up Chinatown/Kensington. After grabbing a bite to eat at a ramen noodle restaurant, we decided to venture beyond China town. As most of you know, Kensington is one of my absolute fave stores! It was actually the topic of one of my first blog posts. I got this great, amazing tank dress, its so long I can wear it as a sundress! Absolutely love it.

Jess took this picture of me, whilst the subway was still moving!! Love.
Enjoy! xoxo
Ps. Wanna see everything I wore this week? Check out my Youtube (video coming soon)

Bel Ami Headband Showcase/Summer Sale

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello all!

As most of you know, I have been interning with Bel Ami Headbands this summer & it is my first internship experience. Throughout my adventure, I will be documenting about some fun things about my internship!

Bel Ami Display//YUMMY cupcakes!

On Monday, Bel Ami Headbands held a showcase/sale for all, held at the Milestones private dining room right in the heart of Toronto, Dundas square. I was extremely excited to help out! My main job was to wrap and assist people with their purchases.

Check out some of the photos, below!

A gorgeous sequined headband// Erin (my lovely boss & founder of Bel Ami!!) & I

Interns & Erin!!

Inspiration board for the summer collection, rose d'argent

It was super exciting to be there! It was probably one of my first retail experiences as well, and I felt nervous giving people back their change, I wouldn't want to make a mistake with money! However, I think the most thrilling and nerve wracking part was the crowds of people who showed up! I really enjoyed it. The best thing however, was that everyone was super wonderful & this is truly a riveting experience for me, I'm soaking up every bit of it!

I wish I had more photos, but it's hard to take photos whilst on the job! Hopefully I'll have more soon!

xoxo Rach Speed the INTERN

In the KNOW w/ R. Speed

Hello all!
I haven't updated in the longest time and I would be doing so... about now. I'm sitting at a Starbucks at the moment, they just renovated this one! it looks fabulous!

Staaah bucks!

I have started my internship as most of you know, and hopefully I will have the rest of my internship experience up and at it soon! It has been such an exciting experience!!

I was looking at past blog posts, and it was pretty incredible that I would be putting up posts daily, I find it so difficult now! Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon. I have a few projects/posts I've been working on, as well as my Youtube. Thank you so much to all my wonderful subscribers! I am so thankful! My youtube will mainly be for beauty related topics, since it's much easier to show and teach beauty skills when it's in video format. I will also do more personal vlogs & other stuff which will not be fashion related!

I've also been doing a little homework regarding my blog, some extra research. Seeing what my blog needs. Anywhoo, going to have a fun filled day - so see you laterr!


A Casual Walk in the Ravine

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So, I know I haven't been so consistent in a while - and I need to get back on track. So I'm going back to the basics, of what I did my blog for before. Lately, it is mostly posts of me going out & such - and I want to definitely do more fashion related posting. So, today I had a day off (Happy Canada DAY!) - and of course, why not do a shoot? I decided to choose some fun, pretty summer dresses - perfect for a walk in the garden or having afternoon tea. And who better than my partner in crime, Claire, to shoot with?

However, of course if you're going for a more casual look, I had to include something fun & hipster for all you jean-lovers out there! Fedoras definitely complete the look. On myself, I'm wearing a straw fedora whilst Claire is wearing more of a caramel coloured one. Skinny jeans are always a super comfy & fashion forward way for a casual going-out look. With a cute pair of sandals, its a great ensemble!

As for accessories goes, double rings (my fave!) necklaces, sunglasses, the usual - all complete this look.

The next few are dresses I wanted to show that I am beyond excited about!

Summer dresses are just so fun, even for everyday! With a pair of flat sandals, they're great for shopping, picnics, anything you desire! Blue & Green shades definitely work for this, pairing the outfits with minimal accessories. Sun dresses are also great for shopping because it's easy to change in and out of them! The green dress is one of my own, from Forever 21. Claire's dress is her own and from H&M.

The next look deals with lots and lots of accessories! As seen above, pretty jewels add extra sparkle to the dresses. Ornate rings, bangles piled on top of another, all perfect to create this look. The dresses (featured below) are mine and my sister's, and the anthropologie polka dotted one can be seen on the sis in previous blog posts. The simple baby doll of the metallic bronze coloured one is absolutely sooo pretty, especially with the princess sleeves and a pair of simplistic sandals. With the polka dotted dress, sequined ballerina flats are a must!

Enjoy! xo Rach

PS: I'm on lookbook! check me out at www.lookbook.nu/rachspeed