Saturday, September 24, 2011

I will post my new finds later, but I wanted to share the outfit I wore yesterday! I love this chanel logo tank dress I found in Kensington Market, and decided to layer it with a few fun things. To make the outfit more Fall-like, I added these taupe suede boots and a jean jacket, but underneath I paired also, a lace bralette, which gave the dress some extra detail.

my humble lil sanctuary

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi everyone!

After a slump of failed blog posts that never made it on here for the past few months, I feel completely re-inspired and energized for a ton of blog posts! Rach Speed is back... & I'm very happy about it.

Anywhoo, decided to kick this semi-lame comeback with a blog post about my dorm room, as I now am in university!

plain t-shirt - hanes
shorts - hollister
boots - spring
cape - club monaco

This is my dorm room, my humble abode! I actually live in the second oldest residence on campus at my university, so it's very "dorm" like I suppose. Huge windows... I love it! All rooms are extremely unique and I lucked out with a dressing room, a small room with two walk-in closets attached to my room... yes I'm a very lucky girl.

My sheets are from home, and were from a number of different places. The two throws are from homesense & the pillows are from a bunch of places as well!

The photos below are of what I keep in my dressing room/getting ready area:

Clear acrylic storage - Homesense


And a shot of the most breathtaking window:


xoxo Rach... speed