Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I always wanted to do something different with my hair, and for some reason or another, always ended up chickening and backing out, not being able to risk my black locks for something a little... lighter. Ombre hair is a definite trend that will continue into spring and summer, and the best part of it is that it's a super "lazy" style that looks great kept or not.

The inspiration:

Rumi , via Fashion
Actress Jamie Chung (Sucker Punch, Sorority Row...etc)

Although there are many celebrities with great "ombre'd" hair, I decided to draw from inspirations who had similar hair & skin tone colouring to me. Jamie Chung and Rumi "Fashion Toast" were good picks for someone with hair as dark as mine. I really wanted hair that would eventually get blonder at the ends...
So, my sister and I started with this "bleaching cream" from the drug store, but that was a HUGE fail. It was by Garnier, and barely lightened our hair. We went on a late night "shoppers" run that night, and picked up a stronger bleach, and a honey-blonde drug store colour. The bleach was alot stronger, (it was by "ice cream" and came in powder packets), and then we coated our hair with the blonde colour afterwards. I was at first hating how brassy my hair looked, but after a day and a wash, I got used to it. I hope to "blonde" the ends even more this summer.

This was pretty drastic for me but I actually love it. Initially, I wanted to dye it darker again, but then it wouldn't be "ombré" hair. I can't wait till my hair gets longer &ready for the summer.

xoxo Rach

I just like stars.

a few of my fave things

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i dream of balenciaga (fashion chalet giveaway)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


What better way to receive one than one stylish blogger to another? Erika of Fashion is giving away this gorg bag - incredibly hoping itll be mine! A girl can dream...

xx Rach

my bunny in a sweater

Monday, January 9, 2012

... i know.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

So, I haven't written anything other than a caption here or there on this blog for the past year, so this is the time to change that. I feel my brain shutting down (lack of sleep to blame), so excuse the occasional typos till I get a chance to fix 'em in the morning.

Reflecting on the year, Although it was great (academically) and great (opportunity-wise), I haven't really accomplished much I wanted to do in terms of creating my little world of RACHSPEED. This year is completely dedicated to this. And by saying this, I deem 2012 the year I get ish done. End of story. I always have these great chances to show what I'm truly capable in this industry - but never take the risk, never seem to have enough time and never end up giving it my all. Without further ado (or pesky distractions) - get ready world....


1. Make RachSpeed the BEST it can be and ALL it can be - Full of videos, fashion, fun tips, photos - life, happiness ...
enough said.

2. READ more. When I read I feel more fulfilled, something I haven't felt in a long time.

love the new bedspread…and lauren conrad’s style book :)

3. Get my "blogger eye" back - bring camera everywhere, don't be shy

4. take risks & follow my heart wherever it might lead me

5. remind myself that the past is practice

laladaydreaming:  the list can go on forever
6. get ORGANIZED- this is a big one. I need this in order to accomplish everything - I should really be using my blackberry to it's full potential.

7. Get healthy, fit & ready for summer!

Anyways, back to a fresh semester & a fresh start... I'm beginning to realize what this is all about.

xoxo Rach

Images via tumblr & rachspeed photography