Met her at Coachella

Monday, April 16, 2012

One thing to cross of my bucket list in the near future (I hope) will be to attend Coachella, the super-rad music festival full of the hippest and coolest entertainers ever. This year, my friend "VT" Laura and I were cooped up in our little dorm, watching the performances as they rolled onto Youtube, screaming and cheering at the right parts, as if we were there. Our faves this year: The Weeknd and Frank Ocean (and hologram Tupac, haha).  I can't wait to go when the time is right.

On another note, I've lately been totally inspired by the fashions of Coachella 2012. Every year, it's totally hippie chic and it's the perfect occasion to take risks and go super 60's flower child. I had to tone it down a little for my reserved campus:

My "Coachella" Look: Urban Outfitters top, Levi vintage cut offs, Zara Sunglasses (and Hibou ankle boots not shown)

MY FAVES of Coachella (images via

Kate Bosworth

I love Kate's ankle boots, and they were my inspiration for finding my own leather ankle boots (the ones I have from Hibou) and she also was wearing my fave staples, Hunter rainboots, which I love the look of them with short dresses and rompers, it's the perfect fix for a muddy, outdoorsy day. She is so effortlessly chic! I love it! 

Victoria's Secret Model, Chanel Iman 

I love this look! So risky, bad-ass and super cool for a super-hot Los Angeles day. 

I need to be in Los Angeles right about now...

xoxo Rach

RachFIT: The little things...

       Music has always been a large part of my day, and as I continue with this active lifestyle regimen, I'm realizing how crucial music is to your workout. Here is the current list of songs I am listening to at ze gym:
1. Wild Ones - Flo Rida Ft. Sia
2. Save the World - Swedish House Mafia
3. Feel So Close - Calvin Harris
4. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (How could you resist!?)
5. Paradise - Coldplay (Fedde le Grand Remix) 
6. If I Die Young - Arion vs Optimus Prime Dubstep Remix
7. Fade into Darkness - Avicii
8. Without You - David Guetta Ft. Usher
9. For the First Time - The Script
10. Ass Back Home - Gym Class Heroes Ft. Neon Hitch
11. Give Me Everything - Ne-Yo Ft. Pitbull and Nayer
12. We Found Love - Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris
13. Glad You Came - The Wanted 
14. You Da One that Got Away - Rihanna and Katy Perry (Remix/Mashup)

I've read that a song has to have a fast enough beat to make it a "great" workout song, and although I don't know the exact number - upbeat songs versus slower beats make all the difference. You are much more motivated with you're able to run to a beat, and I also find I have a little skip in my step!

Since this is mainly a fashion blog, a lot of you have been wondering "what do I wear when I work out?!"! I am definitely not the type of person who doesn't care what they look like just because it's an exercise environment - of course you want to be fashion conscious at the same time! I will do a lengthier post on this soon, but for now, I've been wearing a lot of black after I saw this hilarious meme, but  don't worry, I will do a lengthly active clothing post soon!

On another note, 

Expect a video about my gym wear soon! follow me on twitter @rachspeed or my facebook fan page, for the latest and greatest updates! 

xoxo Rach