Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy December y'all! 

December is my fave month for many reasons. I absolutely love the holidays, the down time that I get, and the hustle and bustle of working seasonal retail (I think I'm the only one). I can't wait for the exam period to be over so I can start enjoying the holidays. 

Last night I went to the MUSE (issue lucky number 7!) Launch party! It was really fun to get involved with MUSE this year and be on the executive team. My job as Online video news editor pretty much put me in charge of creating all the online video content! You can check some of my videos out HERE. 

MUSE magazine has really grown over the years, and it's definitely the best destination to find all things creative (music, fashion, art.. you name it!) Check it out HERE! The online content is always amazing and a good read.  

The launch was really fun and was held at the Kingston Glass Gallery, which is a really fun and different venue than any other events I've been to at Queen's. The food was AMAZING (and all homemade, can you believe it?!) and I couldn't help but sneak seconds instantly. For those of you who are asking, I'm wearing the "Yasmin Dress" from Aritzia! 


& for those of you who are interested, here is one of the behind the scenes videos of the editorials from the issue! 

Love Always, Rachel 

Style Guide: How to Thrift (featured on Queen's Journal Blogs!)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

About a month ago, I actually was asked by the Queen's Journal Blogs to write a few pieces! This was really exciting for me because I had always wanted to write for the Queen's Journal, but my first-year self a few years ago was too nervous about my writing skills to take the risk. 

I wrote an article for Queen's Journal blogs about how to thrift and style your vintage finds! It was a really fun article to write and I loved learning about the process into what goes into writing an article! 

A special thanks to my friend & assistant news editor, Abby for getting me involved with the Queen's Journal and Blogs editor, Jessica for bringing my piece to life! 

xoxo Rachel 


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here are some snaps of my beloved bedroom. I definitely have not been enjoying it as much as I should, and a lot of the stuff in my room are things that have been carried on from last year. (I moved student houses this summer) For my room this year, I wanted to use the same furniture, but I wanted to elevate it to a more "sophisticated" level (as sophisticated as the student ghetto can get, I suppose)! I still used my desk, chair and bed from last year and I brought in the large, AMAZING tufted chair (one of my mother's prized Homesense scores). This room I also painted "cloud white" by Benjamin Moore.

Just like my room post last year (CLICK HERE to check it out), here are the before photos:

     My bedroom was previously the dining room of the house (you can see where they built the wall in the archway in the centre photo). In a lot of student houses, they tend to convert any space they can into more bedrooms (more bedrooms = more rent). It's a funny small space (measuring 8.5 feet by 14.5 feet), but I was able to fit all my furniture in it comfortably. One item I was a little bit disappointed in editing out was a bed side table, because I haven't had one the last couple of years. The colour of the room was a grey-blue, which I actually quite liked - the reason I changed it was to give it a fresh look, because the paint on the walls before was quite old. Another quality of the room that I like is the new(ish) wood flooring (which is rare in the student village) and the uber high ceilings, that make the room look a lot larger than it is.

Here is what I did with the space! Main areas: "reading nook", desk/vanity space, closet and bed. My room is quite long, so I pushed everything pretty much against the wall and it left an open space in the middle. My landlord gave me a brand new door too, which also makes my room look more updated. My colour scheme remained the same as last year: My accent colours are baby blues, greys and light pinks. My main colour of the room is white, because it makes the room appear larger. 

I have a queen sized bed (same one I had last year), the sleigh bed frame is a hand-me-down from my parents, and the blue bedding is from Anthropologie. The bedding was on sale, which was an amazing steal because Anthropologie bedding is really expensive and can run you up at least 300 dollars. Also as you can see, I LOVE pillows; mostly because I like to work on my bed and read, so it's nice to have a few that you can prop up and lean against. The frames were a new project that I took on, with so much wall space, I thought they'd make a nice focal point above my bed. TIP: Frames from the dollar store are amazing (That's where I got mine)! One thing that I would love to get in the future is a box spring to make my bed a little bit higher... it's something I actually covet. 

This closet is my absolute pride and joy. Last year, I had a lot of difficulty with the "built in dresser" that was stuck in my closet. In my old room, there was barely any storage and I found that my clothes were overflowing and getting stuffy. The rack that I purchased from Canadian tire was perfect. I loved the fact that my clothes would be displayed out in the open (kind of like a stylist's closet), but it also gave me the incentive to keep it tidy because there was nothing for any of my stuff to hide behind. My mom also helped me install hooks for all my bags, which is useful because I use so many different ones during the week. It's also a great spot to hang my keys onto.

On the rack I store my current in season clothes; everything out of season is put into under-bed storage rolling bins. I also hung a few of my jackets that I like to have out on display. In the pink bins on top, I store pajamas in one, and undies/bras in the other. The huge "R" was actually a souvenir I picked up when my mother and I took a trip to Boston two summers ago, from the antique market in Brimfield, Massachusetts.

The collage was a project I did in the beginning of school. The bulletin board was from staples, and I used it for a portion of the year last year on top of my desk. My mom hung it for me on the side of the closet, which is a great use for some dead wall space. I love looking at all of my favourite memories from the summer and last year, as well as some inspirational quotes that motivate me.

This year, I finally also had the space to create a little reading nook! The chair was an good treasure that my mom found at Homesense. It's really comfortable and makes my room look a bit more "grown up". As a side table/footstool, I used one of the poufs (also from Homesense!) that I've had since high school. It gives the space a more eclectic feel. One awesome way to make your room more stylish is to put on display your favourite books (preferably coffee table books/ nice hardcovers). The floor lamp I also adore, and it's been with my family since I was really young (I believe my mom found it at a flea market as well).

I like to keep my desk really clear, mostly because it has too purposes: Getting ready (mostly) and work (not so much). It's a small desk that my mom and I repainted last year (as well as the chair). The "Kartell" style lamp was a gift that I received for my birthday last year, and is a piece that will definitely carry on with me into many places to come. On my desk I pretty much keep whatever candle I'm burning, my iPhone speaker, and some pretty boxes for decoration. The mirror is one of my favourite pieces that I found at Homesense. I believe it was pretty inexpensive (35 dollars?), and I like to call it my "Kim Kardashian" mirror because I find it ultra-glam. The chair was also reupholstered last year in a blue coordinating fabric. 

And that is my room so far! I would love to add a few gold accents and maybe a white furry pillow, but I haven't found anything that would match yet. I also would like to mix it up a bit and make the room look a little more bohemian by adding fun pillow cases or accent pillows. Only time will tell!

Love always,


Confession: I'm easily bothered

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I tend to become “uncomfy” a lot more than the average person. Here is a small list of what “gets” to me (but is not limited to):

-Walking in the rain is a definite no-no

-Pants that are way too tight/stretched out (let’s just say I’ve bought endless amounts of leggings mid-day to solve the problem)

-Any temperature that is not room temperature makes me squirm (cold weather is my biggest deterrent of not going out in the wintertime.

-Social situations where I don’t know anybody and have to make friends (I guess I’m shy? Introverted?)

- I often change clothes/outfits as often as my mood changes…which is several times a day.

This is only a small sample of the endless list of habits and things that make me “uncomfortable”.

Bare in mind that I am using “uncomfortable” in quotations: I know all these situations are trivial at best, and they are not deal breakers of my day. I just get squeamish sometimes at off-the-wall things.

The solutions that I come up with to solve them (example: forever 21 leggings are a godsend) are only quick fixes that ease my temporary-uncomfiness for the slightest moment.  I often feel (at the time) that purchasing these “solutions” are justified because of this. In an instant, I’m sure that another mid-day crisis (a lovely term my best friends and I coined in the eighth grade) will appear.

WHY DO THINGS BUG ME SO MUCH?! Why do I become so EASILY uncomfortable?

One thing that I realized today, drudging in the slush/snow/rain on way to a meeting is that I need to be a little “tougher” – and I did not take the cab to skip out on the (horrible) weather. I need to squirm less. AND I need to stop buying things that are UNECESSARY. I would be saving a ton of money if I decided not to buy the $6.80 leggings at f21 just because I’m wearing pants that I wore twice in a row.

I understand that I sound absolutely ridiculous, but becoming easily “uncomfy” is most definitely one of those traits that I need to work on, especially because I feel that I’m missing out on so much because I refuse to walk a couple blocks in the rain. Early New Years Resolution anyone?