New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hi everyone! I'm rushing trying to beat the countdown to 2014 to get this style post up for you guys! Here are some outfits I put together for any event that you might be attending on New Year's Eve. Whether it's dinner with your friends, a glam party or a family get together,  you can ring in the New Year in style. Here is my video all about what to wear on New Year's!

Depending on what type of event you're going to, you'll want to dress appropriately, but still fun and festive for the holidays! Dresses are always a timeless option, but New Year's can also be an awesome time to experiment with riskier trends (like the leather shorts I put in an outfit!). Always also bring on the glamour! New Year's Eve is all about glitz, and I think that the more sequins and shiny-ness (haha), the better!

I've probably said this time and time again on my blog, but always dress in what you feel comfortable in. If you feel awesome in your outfit, you won't worry about it during the night and you can just relax and enjoy all the new year festivities! I hope you all have an amazing New Year's Eve!!

Love Always, Rachel

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ever since I got instagram, I have to admit: I am an addict. My iPhone goes with me everywhere and I find myself instagramming and snapping photos throughout the day all the time. People always ask me how I edit my pictures! I also use a lot of my insta pics for my blog as well, so I thought this would be helpful to share; These are the photo apps I swear by!

1. Instacollage free - A simple collage maker. This is the app that I use to make all my collages! Another neat option that you can do is actually select two of the same photo, and flip one, then you have an awesome mirror effect! 

2. A Beautiful Mess - This app is AMAZING. One of the girls at my internship showed it to me this summer, and once I downloaded it, it was most definitely worth it. The filters are great (and not too obnoxious) and the font/texts are really nice. It was created by two bloggers and definitely has an interface that is really easy to use. I probably use this every single time I edit photos. 

3. PicFX - Picfx is an old fave of mine, and I downloaded it when I first got my iPhone. This app has additional filters and overlay options, such as bokeh (the shiny circle/heart lights). They recently updated their interface and it's much more modern now. 

I purchased A Beautiful Mess and PicFX for about a dollar each from what I remember. They are completely worth it! I hope this helps for the insta-newbies, or just those who want to try a new photo app! 

Love Always, Rachel

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Outfit of the Day: Oversized Scarves & Loose Sweaters (Sister Edition)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hi y'all! Today I'm back to blogging after a 13-hour boxing day shift yesterday and the long toronto-wide power outage! On Christmas day we went out to lunch with family friends & my sister and I pretty much coincidentally wore matching outfits. I find this combination (leggings + scarf + comfy flyaway sweater + hair in ponytail) the perfect outfit that is put together yet super comfy. 

Scarf - Wilfred (Aritzia)
Sweater - Aritzia
Grey top - Forever 21
Pants - gift from HongKong

Circle Scarf - American Apparel
Sweater - Forever 21
Shirt - Aritzia
Skinny Sweats - Zara

I'm wearing another version of the skinny sweats that I raved about in my other outfit of the day (see here!) from Zara. My sister got me the second version that I wanted in black!  I call them my ninja thug pants (haha). 

Love Always, 


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hi everyone! Just wanted to wish you all happy holidays & a merry Christmas to all who celebrate! This year was quite different since we were struck by the Toronto ice storm power outage! Our home was left without power for about 4 days so far.. so hopefully it will be restored back in time for the weekend! It was super cold, so I'm so thankful that we have amazing family friends that took us in. 

Anywhoo, it's a tradition in my family to get new pajamas on Christmas day, so here is a picture of us in our new getups! We also got to spend time with our family friend Dean & their family doggy, Isabelle. Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays and I'll be back to blogging soon! 

Love Always & Merry Christmas, Rachel 

What's in My Bag!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hey everyone! Today I am really excited to share my "What's in my bag" video with you all! I haven't filmed a video like this in over a year so it was nice to do an updated version. The "What's in my bag" videos were some of the first videos that I watched that inspired me to film my own videos! 

The bag is a Michael Kors "Selma" bag in the larger size, and I LOVE IT. It was a really really generous gift from a loved one and I still can't believe I have my hands on it now. It was on my wishlist for a very long time. The great thing about this bag that I love so much is it's size: it's just right for me. It can fit my iPad with ease, as well as all the other knick knacks that I carry. It also dresses up any outfit and is super stylish. 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my video! Take a look at it below! 

Love Always, Rachel

Outfit of the Day: Skinny Sweats & Nikes

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hi y'all! Today I had a super fun filled day at the Ripley's Aquarium!! It was really cool, especially because I'm absolutely obsessed with fish and other creatures from the sea. It was really cold out, but since I was taking public transit I still wanted to keep warm but not be bulky. I layered my anorak with a few long sleeve shirts and knit sweaters. 

Beanie - Aritzia
Scarf - Aldo
Anorak - Aritzia
Sweater - Forever 21
Skinny Sweatpants - Zara
Sneakers - Nike 
Purse - Marc Jacobs 

How amazing are these shoes?! I actually borrowed these Nike sneakers from my sister, she actually bought them at Vaughan Mills and they were really inexpensive. The skinny sweatpants are also great, I just bought them while I was at Yorkdale! They have leather detailing on the band and are really comfy for cold days like these. 

The aquarium was fun! It also made a really cute "date" place (which I must give credit to the boyfriend for). I had a really nice day! 

Love Always, Rachel 

Holiday Gift Guide: 100$ & Under!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my final instalment in the budget gift guide series! Last but certainly not least (especially when it comes to prices!) is my 100 dollars and under gift guide! 100 dollars is quite a hefty budget and there are many great things that you can buy for your loved one. I would suggest to buy something luxurious, but also something they are able to wear time and time again, such as a practical sweater, not a formal dress! This way they'll make the most out of it and have many chances to use or wear the item! Another tip that is pretty straight forward is to make sure to get a gift receipt! If the item doesn't fit right or the person just would like another colour, it's best to have a gift receipt for more expensive items such as these. Without further ado, let's get right to it! 

  1. Talula Lenox Sweater $75, Aritzia: This sweater is knit with angora and cashmere, so it's uber soft but still so reasonably priced for luxury! The oatmeal colour is a great pick because it's a neutral that they can wear with anything, and it can be a piece they can wear all year round. Cardigans are always useful and can be paired and layered with anything; they're timeless pieces and never go out of style. 
  2. Coquette Scarf $85, Aritzia: Blanket scarves are really popular right now and sell out quite fast in certain styles. And there is a reason why: they're fab! These make great layering pieces that will keep one super warm all winter long. They're also really stylish and can be worn with a variety of pieces.
  3. Phone & Wallet Wristlet $89.95, Michael Kors: These cute wallets are super functional: they are able to fit your iPhone as well as all the typical items in your wallet! The wrist strap is also great for carrying it alone on nights out. This gift is perfect for those who are the life of the party: they'll be able to carry all their important items in one small pouch. 
  4. Fujifilm Mini Instant Film Camera $100, Urban Outfitters: Instant film/polaroid cameras make amazing gifts for anyone! My sister has one and she loves it and uses it all the time. It makes a super fun gift that also gives: instant memories! They also come in a variety of colours, so you can choose depending on the person's style. They're also quite small and can fit into a medium sized purse, and aren't bulky at all.
  5. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette $62, Sephora: The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are  beauty cult classics, and are great gifts! Your friend doesn't even have to love makeup to find it amazing, it comes with a bunch of neutral coloured eyeshadows that several skin tones can use. The newest one if the third edition, which has a rosy tone to it. The palette is great and high quality, and even comes with a brush to apply the eyeshadows. I still have the first edition and it works wonders for me. 
  6. Betsey Johnson Skull Motif Watch $75, The Bay: This watch is super cool, and at a great price! Most designer watches will run you up a couple hundred collars, but this one and it's cool design is awesome option for those one a budget. I love the gold detailing and the design, which looks punky but still girly at the same time! 
  7. Mini Office City Bag $60, Zara: This bag reminds me a lot of one of my favourite purses, the Michael Kors Selma bag, except it's way more affordable and ... mini! This bag is a really great size for those who are on the go; it is big enough to carry just your necessities for the day! The rigid classic structure is perfect for day or nighttime and casual or fancy. Zara's bags are also really high quality, so you'll be sure getting a bang for your buck. 

& that wraps up (haha see what I did there) my budget friendly Holiday Gift Guide Series!

Love Always, Rachel 

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My Everyday Makeup! (Tutorial)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hi everyone!! I'm back at it on Youtube with my first makeup tutorial that I've done in years! I don't think I have done one since high school! A lot of people asked me to do an everyday "getting ready" video for my makeup and hair, so I decided to start with my makeup! 

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
Lancome Eye Liner in "Black Coffee"
Posie Tint by Benefit 
Mac Loose Powder (for contouring)
Urban Decay Naked Palette 

This is the makeup look that I do everyday when I have a bit of time in the morning to get ready. It's really quick and easy and lasts the entire day! I hope you guys enjoyed my video! More to come soon! 

Love Always, Rachel 

DIY: Mason Jar Candle Holders

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hey everyone! As I mentioned before, I am on the editorial team at Muse Magazine (working as the video content editor), where I craft DIYs and other fun videos! I love working for MUSE & they are always on the ball for all things creative and up & coming! I did a couple DIY crafts for the holidays, so here is the first winter video: mason jar candle holders! 

The DIY probably only took my about an hour, and I had all the supplies at home so it actually didn't cost me any extra money. I was inspired by my previous workplace, Brandy Melville and all their fun jar accessories around the stores. 

These also make fantastic holiday gifts! To learn how to make them, check out the video below (via the Muse Magazine Youtube Channel)!

Love Always, Rachel 

5 TIPS on Starting Your Own Blog!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey there! One of my most frequently asked questions from my readers is how to start a blog, what to know, and the in's & outs of blogging. I am by no means a pro at this (is anyone?!) and all the advice that I can give you is simply from experience! I'm thinking of turning this into a series... but for now, here are my top 5 tips to look out for when starting a blog:

1. CLEAN LAYOUT: When figuring out how you want to present your blog, try to find the cleanest, simplest layout possible. When I made mine, I picked pretty much the first template that blogger offered me. From there you are able to customize. I personally like white backgrounds, but I've seen blogs that look fabulous on black backgrounds as well. I think that white is great because photos really stand out in front of it and really become the "focal point" of your website. 

2. SOCIAL MEDIA LINK-UPS: The best way to get your blog out there is to share, share, share. There are tons of programs that can make this easier. For example, I have my facebook page linked up to my twitter so that whenever I post a new blog post on my facebook page, it automatically tweets it as well. Try to send it to your friends to share as well! Limit posting links of your blog to about once or twice a day on social media (you don't want to get obnoxious about it). ALSO, adding a "pin it" button is really helpful as well and another great way to share your stuff (especially if you're into cooking and crafts). 

3. TAKING PICTURES ON WHITE BACKGROUNDS = your best friend. I think that DIYS look fantastic on white tables, as well as outfit posts (if you can't be outside, natural lighting will always be the best!) 

4. BRING YOUR CAMERA EVERYWHERE: Remember, it's your website, anything can be content! Carry around a point and shoot camera in your purse everywhere, or use your phone if the quality is good. You'll never know when you'll get a rush of inspiration! 

5. Remember, it's YOUR WEBSITE! Let the creativity flow! Do whatever you want with it. The first few posts may feel a little awkward, but soon you will gain momentum. Blog about whatever you want, as long as your posts are consistent (time-wise). Blogging is a great way to get creative! 

Do you have a blog? Send it to me! I'd love to take a look!

Love Always, Rachel 

Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Dollars & Under!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Welcome to my second instalment in my holiday gift guide! A 50 dollar budget is much more manageable in finding an awesome gift. You can opt for jewelry, cozy knits or fun home accessories. When looking for presents within this budget, I try to opt for larger items like home accessories, and (attempt to) stay away from the "kitschy" stuff (ie. bath products, candy, trinkets). I try to find key pieces that are quality, instead of spending it on multiple tiny, cheaper things. 

  1. "hit snooze" Pillow $39.50, Victoria's Secret PINK - body pillows are great for student living and this one would be a fun accessory in any girl's bedroom! 
  2. Jewelled Penguin Earrings $25, Juicy Couture - These are super adorable and make an amazing gift for a BFF! I love that they are jewelled but definitely not over-the-top
  3. Fleece Hudson's Bay Blanket $40, The Bay - The real version of this blanket will rack you up thousands of dollars, but this is a great, much less expensive option and looks great as a throw on any bed! 
  4. Infiniti Curling Wand $35 - I love my curling wand, and Wal-mart has great options at a variety of prices. Curling wands make perfect curls and beachy waves.
  5. TNA Brunswick Scarf $50, Aritzia - A pretty knit scarf makes an excellent gift for anyone during the holiday season. I went through a small obsession with oatmeal - it's a sweet colour to wear during the wintertime but is still a great transition piece once the weather gets warmer. Aritzia has tons of scarves to choose from! 
  6. Viva La Juicy Rollerball $30, Sephora - Viva la Juicy is my favourite scent of all time. Perfumes are quite personal, so once scent might not be the holy grail for all, so a luxe rollerball is a great way to try out different perfumes without committing to an entire bottle, and make awesome stocking stuffers as well. 
  7. Owl Teapot $26, Indigo - Cute kitchen and dining accessories not only are practical, but can also double as home decor! This owl tea pot is an amazing gift for any tea-lover out there, but would also look fabulous perched onto a bookshelf or in a kitchen cabinet display. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my second part of the Holiday Gift Guide Series! 

Love Always, Rachel

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Home for the Holidays: My Bed & Sidetable

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hey everyone! I just got home for the holidays and I'm super excited for all the festivities to commence! I am currently rooming with the brother in the larger room (Matthew is now in the larger room that Syd & I used to share, Sydney is in the smaller room) in my house back home so I decided to add my own personal flair (he was quite cooperative)! I didn't purchase anything for this little project of mine, everything was stuff we already had at home! I decided to use textures of white, and have a "shabby chic" element to it. 

The chevron sheets are AMAZING - I love it! They are Ralph Lauren as well as the throw on top. Homesense (again) is a godsend! Pretty much all the sheets are from there, and they have great inexpensive options as well. 

The little details... since my bed is quite low, I used a large wicker basket that I turned upside down and it made a great bedside table. I also had these clear acrylic bins that are great to use right beside your table because it keeps your jewelry, lip balm, phone and other small things in place. 

And... the hello kitty slippers were a gift from one of my friends! how amazing right? I love them. 

Love Always, Rachel 

Outfit of the Day: Knit Cardigan & Combat Boots

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm coming home y'all!! Thought I'd share another quick outfit of the day en route to Toronto. I have a lot of trouble trying to wear skirts in the wintertime, but with the right layers, you can still stay "skirty" whilst keeping cozy as ever. 

The sweater is an AMAZING find from Urban Planet. Yes. Urban Planet. I have to admit I used to be pretty judgey about that store before because it's so over the top and.... well it's Urban Planet. But I've grown to love it over the year as it keeps coming in with up to date styles, and you don't have to spend too much to look on trend. This sweater is so comfy & was my go-to item over the exam season. It's also a great layering piece. The tights are also super-fun, because they give the illusion that I'm wearing over the knee socks when they're actually part of the tights. 

Anorak- Aritzia
Scarf- American Apparel
Knit open sweater- Urban Planet
Black top - forever21
Skirt - American Apparel
Tights - Urban Outfitters
Boots- Call it Spring 

Love Always, Rachel

Outfit of the Day: Comfy Camo

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hi everyone! Here is my outfit of the day! It's nearing the end of exam season for me so I'm still without makeup and decked out in oversized sweaters. These camo pants have a similar structure to my elastic jeans that I adore so much. Keeping really cozy as well with a black beanie! 


"commes des .... down" Beanie 
Sweater - Brandy Melville
Camo pants - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Aldo

Love Always, Rachel 

Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Dollars & Under!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

     Welcome to my holiday gift guide series! In the next couple of weeks I will be posting gift guides that can suit any budget! The first one is.... finding gifts that are 20 dollars and under (the biggest challenge of them all)!
     Whether you're looking for a stocking stuffer, watching your holiday budget, or are part of a secret Santa gift exchange, finding awesome gifts for a small price is always rewarding. I love getting little trinkets for Christmas: things I wouldn't normally buy myself that are fun items that I can enjoy. For myself, this usually comes in the form of a new beauty product, a new coffee mug or a crazy pair of socks. Finding gifts on a budget is (even just 20 dollars!) is SO doable and can still look substantial next to everything else under the tree. Without further ado, here are my gift picks on a 20 dollar budget!

  1. 5-pack of socks $12.95, H&M - Fun socks are extremely festive and great stocking stuffers for the holidays! Who doesn't need more socks? Try to find cheery colourful patterned ones, or cozy thick socks to snuggle up in for chilly nights. 
  2. Essie Nail Polishes $10, Shoppers Drug Mart - Nail polish is a great no-fail gift and are extremely attainable at your convenience (some drug stores are open 24 hours). Sparkly or dark polishes are in for the season, and make great stocking stuffers as well! I like the "Essie" brand (they're product is high quality and has never failed me), they have a ton of selection to choose from and come out with awesome trendy collections frequently. (ones shown are in the shades "hors d'oevres" and "midnight cami") 
  3. Sephora MakeUp Brush Set $12, Sephora -  Makeup brushes in a cute carrying case are great for travel, and are made affordable with the amazing selection that Sephora comes out with each year. I have a set of travel brushes like these that I purchased from Sephora a couple years ago, and I have to say that you really get a bang for your buck! The brushes are AMAZING and great quality, and I still use them today. 
  4. Statement Tumbler $14.50, Victoria's Secret Pink - I LOVE this tumbler and it's great for students who are on the go. I think the "That's Cray" motif on it is super cute, I love the little bit of attitude. 
  5. Hamsa Bracelet $6, Brandy Melville - Brandy Melville has a wide selection of jewelry that is mostly understated, brassy charms that can work with any type of style. Since they're so affordable, it would make a great gift to choose a few "arm candy" pieces and gift them together as a set. 
  6. "XOXO" pouch $10, Indigo - Small coin pouches and wallets make great gifts for anyone on your list. Indigo has an ever-expanding accessories and home section, and I'm loving every bit of it! 
  7. Sleep Shirt $20, Aerie - Pajamas are a go-to gift for the holiday season! To have pj's fit your budget - opt for a sleep shirt! They are generally much less expensive than two-piece sets. 
  8. Mittens $20, Aritzia - Besides the fact that I LOVE ARITZIA, Mittens are a very practical gift that come in all types of cute designs! The Aritzia mittens are a favourite of mine because they're really warm and not bulky at all (it doesn't hurt that they're super fashionable either).  
  9. Mokara by Voluspa Mini Tin Candle $9, Indigo - this is my favourite scent for candles EVER (on the website it's described as Mokara orchid, white lily and spring moss). Small candles make great stocking stuffers, and are a great way for one to try out different scents without committing to it.
I hope you enjoyed my affordable holiday gift guide, make sure to keep a look out for the next one! 

Love Always, Rachel

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OMBRE Hair: Tips, Tricks & How to DIY

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Since I dyed my hair the first time around, I've received a ton of questions asking about my hair and how I went about ombre-ing it myself. I decided to dedicate a post to all about my ombre hair and my experience maintaining it!

I decided to take a second shot at "ombre" as it crept back into style shortly after the trend was fading. I went dark a few months after the first time I tried it because I wanted my hair to be darker for the colder seasons. It was also getting really brassy and "orange"; a super common problem for black-haired girls who try to bleach their hair lighter (because the undertones of our hair are actually red, when we strip our hair of it's colour, it leaves it an orange or red colour). This summer, I went ombre again because I loved it so much the first time! My sister did it for me again this time, and I was extremely pleased with the results. This time, I wanted the colour to be much less brassy, but lighter at the same time. 

I'd like to firstly say that I'm not a hair stylist or a professional about this in any way. I researched a lot on other blogs and youtube and figured out what worked for me. I highly encourage everyone to do their research on this before they go ahead and do it on their own! This process saved me a ton of money rather than going to the salon, which was awesome for a trendy hairstyle such as ombre. All products can be found at Wal-mart (where I purchased mine).

The inspiration this time around: 

Shay Mitchell (from Pretty Little Liars) has awesome ombre hair! I like the transition and that it gets a lot lighter towards the ends. 


Since my hair is naturally black, I used a hyrdogen peroxide cream that had a high content (about 30 or 40 percent was good for me), I mixed it with the bleaching powder, following the instructions on the packet. I left the mixture on for about 15 minutes (my sister encouraged me to put it on for longer, but I got really anxious that all my hair would fall off). USE gloves, the mixture is very strong. I then applied the dye - I used a blonde dye since my hair is so dark, and it turned out to be more a blondey brown colour. Use an Ash colour if you have red undertones to your hair like me. Follow the instructions on the box, and you should be good to go! My hair kind of smelled like bleach for a week, but it does wash out eventually - don't fret! 

  1. To prevent brassiness, try a bleaching powder that is blue, this will attempt to take out the warm undertones from your hair while you are stripping it of it's colour. ALSO, use an "Ash blonde" or "Ash brown" (any dye with the description "Ash") dye to prevent brassiness, this will also add a cooler tone to your hair and balance it out.  
  2. I recommend that you definitely use a colour-treated shampoo. I have yet to find the right one, but the colour does slightly alter over time. The first time  I ombre'd my hair it did become much brassier over the months. Colour-treated shampoo will help slow down this process. 
  3. Trim your hair! I trim my hair much more often now that I have bleached the lower half of it. This makes sure that my hair always stays fresh. There is a drastic difference in how much drier it does feel, and trimming it (I usually trim an inch off the ends about once a month) really does make it feel a lot better. 
  4. Conditioner! The state of my hair pre-dying it was VERY low maintenance; I skipped out on conditioning it all the time! Colouring it has made my hair a bit drier and conditioner is a godsend. It also gets tangly much easier, so conditioner also helps get the rats out. 
  5. Hair Conditioning Oils are a holy grail item for dyed hair! I run it through the ends when I get out of the shower when my hair is still damp. It leaves my hair MUCH softer than when I don'tapply it. I do this only to damp hair, not dry hair.

Here is my hair currently! I like my ombre much better when it's curled. The transition of dark to light really happened naturally, I started the bleach at the bottom so the ends had the bleach on for the most amount of time. I don't have any plans to go back to black anytime soon, I'm really enjoying my hair light! although it's more maintenance to upkeep than virgin hair, I like that it adds a bit of flair to my beauty regimen. 

Questions? Shoot me a comment!
Love always, Rachel 

Outfit of the Day: Leather pants & Layers

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hi everyone! I went back home & had to run around the city today so I thought I'd share my outfit:

Black beanie
Anorak - Aritzia
Knit Sweater - Forever 21
Leather pants - H&M
Black Boots - TopShop

 It's super chilly in Toronto so this jacket was a pretty impractical choice when travelling on public transit. I didn't pack any clothes to bring home so everything I'm wearing actually belongs to my sister (ahahaha thanks Syd). I'm really thankful that we're the same size pretty much (except for some shoes where they are a little big for me), so I'm able to try out a few of her pieces when I'm home. 

Love Always, Rachel 

Holiday Party

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello everyone! On the weekend I decided to take a small break from studying and go out on my last "hurrah" before I really have to get back to business. The party was semi-formal, but fun.  I thought I'd go ahead and post a few photos of the shindig as well as what I wore. 

Top - no label, was a gift
Skirt - H&M
Nylons - H&M
Boots - Aldo (Rusova Boot)

I apologize before hand for the grainy photography (via my iPhone 4)! I had a hard time putting together a festive outfit because my addiction to black and grey, but this is what I came up with! It's not very festive, so I added a red lip for some colour. I usually shy away from bright makeup, but I decided to try to get into the spirit! I'm kind of feeling the red lip nowadays, and am way more comfortable wearing it now that I have already. I'm addicted to these boots from Aldo lately (as seen in my other OOTDs), they give you height without feeling too uncomfy, and they can last throughout the night. 


Dressing up with my friends was really fun, we all love a good party that we can get a little fancy for. My friends Laura & Sarah also opted for darker, wintertime colours and a-line skirts, like myself (which are flattering on everyone!). 

Love Always, Rachel 


Sunday, December 8, 2013

In the midst of finals, I discovered a new hobby (which I probably should've have started considering I still have 3 exams left) - 8 tracks playlists!

I've been listening to 8tracks for quite some time, but I never tried to create my own playlists. I was taking a break from studying one day and got going at it! 


This is the second playlist that I made, and it's full of fun, upbeat (but not dancy/techno) tunes that you can listen to while you study. I tried to incorperate new music & some of my favourite throwback hits (hellooooo Bryan Adams). It's good for studying or working out, without have a pounding bass in your ear so you'll be able to still catch up on your readings. 

FOR SLEEPYTIME, MELLOW NIGHTS (OR mending a broken heart)

I compiled some of my favourite covers! They are pretty mellow, slow and mostly acoustic. Good for background music while you're drinking tea and snuggling up to a good book. 

I've been less and less motivated to study these days, but I feel that having a GOOD playlist is key when you NEED to get things done. Happy studying!

Love Always, Rachel 

Outfit of the Day: The "Warm Winter Uniform"

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hi everyone! Here is my outfit of the day. Today was a pretty relaxed day, just attempting to find somewhere calm to study and go on with my day.  Since I've barely been home, I've found myself creating this go-to outfit: the perfect mix of "comfortable" and "put-together". 

Boots: Aldo
Jeggings: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Sweater (inside): Zara
Scarf: Aldo

I'm so thankful that it's not slushy outside so I was able to wear my new favourite boot - a black ankle boot with a chunky short heel. It adds the perfect amount of height without being too dressy or uncomfortable. They are also really easy to walk in. The jacket is a biker/leather jacket fit, but it's actually a wool material, so it's great for warmer winter days when layered with long sleeve shirts under. I'm a little bit hesitant to wear colour in the wintertime, but I added this burgundy scarf which is the perfect punch of colour for those who are neutral lovers. 

I feel like I'm turning into an old woman with my love of elastic pants. These jeggings from H&M are SO comfy and still look like a dark, authentic jean. They have an elastic waist, so you put them on like leggings, but since I wear longer tops no one is able to actually see my grandma-elastic waistband. They are also great to tuck into boots! 

This outfit is such an easy way to look polished but still be comfy for library days. I tend to change a lot throughout the day, but with an outfit so versatile, I find my laundry bin getting full much more slowly (haha). 

Love always, Rachel 

My Designer Diary (Vogue Charity Fashion Show)!

Monday, December 2, 2013

(photo stills via Vogue Charity Fashion Show)

Vogue Charity Fashion Show stopped by my house Saturday Afternoon to film me talking about my upcoming line for the show! I am super excited with how it turned out, and it's making me want to start sewing my line ASAP. I also talked about my style icons, where I draw inspiration and rachspeed!

I am SO thrilled to blog about my experience with Vogue Charitiy Fashion Show, where I am returning as an independent designer! Last year my collection was romantic, a mix of leather and dip-dyed chiffon. I wanted to make my collection completely different this year! 

The show is divided into six sections (all relating to the grand theme of "Art Deco"), and I'm designing the great depression scene of the show. My whole vision for it is a mix of utilitarian and hip hop street wear - I know, super abstract, but I hope it'll come together the way I imagine it! I'm thinking a lot of leather, newsboy caps and daring side slits and cut outs. Here is my inspiration board for my upcoming line:

inspiration for my Vogue Charity Fashion Show collection
My main materials for this year's line! 
One main goal for this year's collection (which'll hopefully be an improvement from last year), is to not design anything that will be too overly complicated. I want to create wearable, more casual designs than last year! The choreographer and models of my scene are also amazing and I can't wait for it all to come together! 

My sketches in their first stages
I will definitely follow up with the entire process!!  The show is in March so it'll soon be sewing mayhem in Rachspeed headquarters! 

Love Always, Rachel