Reunited and it Feels so Good! My domain has returned!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hi everyone! I'm super thrilled to tell you all after a long awaited non-eventful battle, I finally have my domain back and running. I'm really happy that I no longer have the "blogspot" at the end of my blog address, and I'm finally feeling professional again. Back in 2012/2013 was the last time I had, and now it's returned! I lost along the way... and had to find a way to get it back. But I did! YAY! The best option for me was to wait a year before I could get my domain for a reasonable price, and I'm glad a waited and didn't settle for another address ( just wasn't going to cut it).

Anyways, feel free to browse my blog at it's OG address, I'm so glad to have my blog back and running. Now that I'm past some poor blogger/vlogger choices, I feel like I have a fresh start.

Love Always, 


Outfit of the Day: Weekend Outfits

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hi everyone! Long time no blog! I decided to start up my outfit of the day posts this weekend, and I'm lucky that the weather has been agreeing as well! It's been beautiful in Kingston and I've definitely been taking advantage of the warmer weather. Here's what I wore friday and saturday!


My roche runs have been an aboslute godsend this summer and fall, they're my go-to pair of shoes as of lately. I love how comfortable (but also fashion forward) they are. I'm not athletically inclined - but why not dress the part once in a while? I love pairing them with simple t-shirt dresses like this one, they give the look a sports luxe feel (a trend that I'm still in love with). They were an absolute steal too because (thanks to my small feet) I was able to purchase them from the BOYS (children's) section at foot locker and that saved me a pretty penny. Finally to tie the whole look together... a tie around! It's still a must have for me! I know some people are "over it", but I can't resist. I've been obsessed with my boyfriend's flannel for a year now and I've pretty much claimed it as mine. 


Today was a pretty relaxed day, so I decided to wear a few staple pieces from my wardrobe. I love wearing a simple white t-shirt, and this one even has slits on the sides that give it a more interesting look. I also am in LOVE with these Brandy Melville Vodi shorts - they are SO comfortable and I practically lived in them when I worked there. They're ultra soft and the pretty ruffled edge makes them look a little less bummy.  I lived in fabric shorts all summer, they're really breathable and super affordable (I think I got mine for around 16 dollars). I also matched my look with my snakeskin print Vans slip ons, which I feel make the outfit more interesting and forward. Then of course, my staples - my go-to Zadig & Voltaire purse and my flash aviator Ray-Bans. Altogether, it's a super comfortable outfit without a pair of sweatpants in sight. 

It's been a struggle to keep up with the blogosphere while also trying to catch up in school! Between all the stuff I have to do, I'm swamped! I'm currently trying to figure out how to schedule everything in, and hopefully that means regular posts and videos are returning soon. How was everyone's first month of school! Tell me below in the comments! 

Love Always, Rachel 

(P.S. tell me what you think about my new blog theme!)