Friday, March 31, 2017

Slides became super trendy last summer thanks to Rihanna's furry Fenty slides! I keep seeing them everywhere from so many designers, and thought that this would be a great, saavy DIY. The look is super attainable and you can completely make them your own.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To be honest I thought that the lace-up trend was over and done with. However much to my surprise, it's still going strong! A few months ago I created this fun DIY on how to make lace-up denim. It was really easy and turned out great. Even though this video is kind of an oldie, I decided to bring it back again after seeing so many celebs wearing their own lace-up pants in the past few months! I think they look great dressed up or even casual with just a crewneck sweater. It's a pretty inexpensive DIY (cost me around $40 for supplies + a $7 pair of thrifted denim) compared to the celeb's version that will set you back at least $200.

12 Items = 30 Outfits | Capsule Wardrobe for Casual, Dressy & Work

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

And the capsule wardrobe strikes again! I shared a few days ago on how I really love the idea of a more simple closet, and am doing some hardcore research into what pieces work for me. It was requested from my wonderful subscribers to do a lookbook featuring a capsule wardrobe... so I challenged myself to the task!

The 12 items I use in the video is really similar to the ones I mention in my last post, and I was totally shocked at how many looks I could create with these pieces. Although I have more than these 12 items in my wardrobe, this video really proves that I could do a ton with a lot less. Having a limited amount of items that are versatile is also really helpful when it comes to traveling (can you imagine travelling with only 12 clothing items in your suitcase? What a dream.)

How did I make 12 items work for 30(!!!) different looks? See here:

Capsule Wardrobe Basics that are Worth the Investment | The Lazy Fashion Girl’s Guide to Saving

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Even though it may not feel like it currently in Toronto, Spring is (apparently) on it's way! I've been really into spring cleaning and decluttering lately, and trying to get into better organizational and cleaning habits. As a result, having a capsule wardrobe is starting to really appeal to me. I find myself wearing the same outfits all the time, and consistently going to certain pieces. I think the idea of having go-to outfits and just dressing it up with accessories sounds a lot more effortless, plus also just the idea of know what's in my closet at all times. 

I think this may save me a lot of trouble when it comes to shopping. I tend to gravitate towards the same things all the time, but if I really curate a wardrobe that I know and love, I can stop myself from buying things that might as well be duplicates (ie. My gray turtleneck collection is enormous). 

Over the years, I’ve downsized a lot, and have managed to fit everything in a six-drawer dresser and a small closet (summer and winter items)! But it can’t hurt to get rid of more, which is why I just opened up my instagram sale!  This probably sounds over-the-top, but I’m always striving to have a well-curated selection of clothes, and a wardrobe of ONLY well worn, quality things I love. Way easier said than done.  You can see what my closet looks like in my most recent wardrobe tour:

I would love to get my items down to about half of what I own. But like I said before, this is REALLY daunting. Much like my “How I Style” videos, I’m considering planning outfits for seasons and seeing if that works for me. That way, I know exactly what I have, and exactly what I need to attain these looks.

This leads me to my next topic: basics. Although I have a lot of fun pieces in my wardrobe, my basics are needing some desperate TLC. I pretty much wear the same pair of jeans all the time and they’re starting to look a little tired. So since I’m looking online already, I thought I would share a few of the items that I’m considering! Here’s my prospective shopping list (and a few fave basic pieces that I already have in my closet):

Natural Bath & Skincare Haul

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Since putting more of my focus on my wellness, I have a newfound love of researching natural beauty products. If you've read my personal essay on why I'm revamping my beauty routine, you already know that I'm trying to make the best choices for myself on all things makeup and skin.

And this leads me to my latest haul! I was running really low on everything in my shower, as well as all my skin products, so this haul was much needed. My friend Sam recommended the site Beautypedia to me last week, and I am HOOKED. It has every product out there plus an expert review, which helped me a ton when trying to choose products that were on the more natural side.

I've only tried these products a few times, but I'm quite happy with them so far. I can't give a full review just yet, but I will chat a little as to why I chose each one! Let's do this (from left to right):

5 Ways to Get a Better Sleep (tested by me)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tossing around, having mini existential crises, and overthinking plague me at night, especially when I'm anxious or overtired. Since college, I've learned that my stress manifests into insomnia. I find myself wired beyond repair, often up till 6 am humming and hawing about what I should eat for breakfast tomorrow, did I drink enough water today, and when will I ever go to freakin' sleep?!

The Beauty Choices I Make

Friday, March 10, 2017

If you know me personally, you also probably know that I truly can't be bothered doing my makeup half the time. I find it overwhelming, plus it took me SO long to find a routine that actually looks good on me. I know that so many girls can relate to this, so sharing this part almost feels cliche. But when I was first experimenting with makeup in high school, it's true - there weren't that many Asian girls in my glossy pages of Teen Vogue, or on my favourite TV shows in which I could emulate their beauty routine, and the ones that I happen to stumble upon looked completely different than me.

I grew up with a gorgeous mother that marked every box of the "ideal" Asian beauty checklist (fair, thin, a slim projected nose and wide eyes), and then there was: me, her darker, hairier, squishy-nosed daughter, my equally as dark, hairy, squishy nosed sister, and my baby brother. May I stress this - my mother never made me feel this way. She always embraced my skin tone and never made it feel like it was a bad thing to be a little darker than the average Chinese girl. Through my childhood and well into my adolescence, distant Chinese relatives (or even just random Chinese people in restaurants) would approach me, throw their head back, laugh and ask "why are you so dark?!" in a joking manner, but really implying that my darker, olive skin was not beautiful.  One time in middle school, someone told me "your nose looks like Rihanna's" and that it's weird I looked "blackinese", with a tone that heavily suggested my darker skin tone and flatter nose was a bad thing.

Mental Resilience & How I De-Stress

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Disclaimer: This blog post will be talking about my experience with panic and anxiety. This topic may be sensitive for some. Please take my advice/experience with a grain of salt and always consult your doctor first.

Hey everyone! I decided to write this post to my latest video, where I get candid about my anxiety and panic for the first time online. Like I said on YouTube, I’m a pretty anxious person – but since graduating, taking on Shop Spenny + Rach Speed full time, and finally being in one place for an extended period of time, my already-out of control worrying manifested into full blown panic by January.

That’s when I experienced my first panic attack. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but by the end of the week, I was experiencing them every 20 minutes on a constant loop – with a feeling that nothing could calm me down and that I was never, ever going to be okay again. It was definitely a rough start to 2017, and as the days rolled on I became increasingly lethargic and started to experience moments of “derealization”, which made me truly feel like I was in a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. It made me feel like I was unable to be present in the moment.