A Quick Trip Down the Shoppers Drug Mart Aisle | New & So You Event

Friday, March 16, 2018

Confession: the deeper I get into my twenties, the more picky I’ve become with the products I use every day. It has become a priority of mine to make the right choices for my hair, skin and body. I remember as a teen, running to my closest Shoppers Drug Mart, picking whatever was on sale…and miraculously, it would always work for me. Now at the ripe age of 24… not so much. My skin has become way more sensitive, and my hair – thanks to my amazing colourist – has become much lighter. This all calls for different products – but with so many to choose from, I always find myself perplexed in the aisle.

A Transformative Year ... Anxiety Update 1 Year Later

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Disclaimer: This blog post will be talking about my experience with panic and anxiety. This topic may be sensitive for some. Please take my advice/experience with a grain of salt and always consult your doctor first.

So... 2017 really kicked my ass in January. But I'm proud to say that by December 2017, I really turned it around.

The first week of January last year, I experienced my first, soul-crushing panic attack that was the catalyst to my debilitating anxiety disorder. I have been an anxiety sufferer my entire life, but it had finally reached it's peak. I'll spare you the details, but if you want the backstory, you can check it out here.

Finally, one year later - I'm not anxiety-free much like every other human, but I am so. much. freaking. better.